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Internal Intel documents reveal that SSE4 is on the way and will be here with Conroe

Several internal memos and roadmaps from Intel confirmed what many of us already suspected: Intel's Conroe (and Merom) will feature SSE4.  The next generation SSE instructions were listed as part of the the platforms "Significant Video Enhancements" built into the upcoming Intel platforms.  

Among the other video enhancements listed included Clear Video Technology (CVT) -- Intel's attempted answer to ATI Avivo -- and UDI support.  Both of these technologies seem dependant on the 965 core logic and not necessarily the CPU.  Other Intel corporate roadmaps have defined CVT as:

Intel Clear Video Technology supporting advanced decoding, post-processing capabilities and enhanced 3D

The Conroe platform and most of its features have not been disclosed yet.  Intel is expected to announce the Conroe architecture name at the Intel Developer Forum on March 7th. 

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RE: Didn't AMD mention new instructions sometime ago?
By Cygni on 2/14/2006 4:12:21 PM , Rating: 3
Some notes here...

One is that 3Dnow! came out before SSE. 1998 for the K6-2 w/ 3Dnow!, 1999 for the Pentium III w/SSE.

Another thing is that both SSE and 3dnow are simply SIMD command sets. They arent really anything that special. Also, 3dnow hardly "bombed huge"... its commands (as well as the 3dnow+ commands) are integrated into every graphics engine and graphics driver around today.

By Questar on 2/15/2006 10:31:09 AM , Rating: 2
Really? Please link to a current game or application that has support for 3Dnow.

I don't know what a "command set" is. SMID extensions are cpu instructions. Yeah, I'm nit-picking.

Anyway, the reason why it bombed? It was very slow. Why was it slow? Because the intructions are 2 operand, which makes them half as fast as SSE, which is 4 operand.

This above was posted by the LAME developers on why they don't support 3Dnow. You can look it up an hydrogen audio if you wish.

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