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Dell drops Dimension line after nearly 15 years of service

When Dell announced new Inspiron desktops yesterday, many people were puzzled by the naming. Dell's Inspiron nomenclature had traditionally been reserved for mainstream notebooks while the Dimension line has consisted of mainstream desktops.

But alas; the Dimension brand is no more and it has been fully supplanted by Inspiron desktops. Dell made no formal announcement of its decision to drop the Dimension line even though it has been the backbone of its desktop sales for the past 15 years.

Dell's current consumer desktop lineup will now consist of Inspiron, XPS and XPS Gaming desktops. The systems feature base prices of $349, $899 and $1,699 respectively.

The new Inspiron desktops can be equipped with either AMD or Intel processors and feature new case designs that are 40% smaller than the previous Dimensions. In addition, selected Inspiron desktop models come pre-loaded with Ubuntu Linux.

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