Originally for Vista, now for XP too
"Shadowrun" cracked to run on Windows XP

To gamers, one of Microsoft’s incentives for upgrading to Windows Vista is the promise of being able to play the latest in PC games. While the stunning Crysis may prove to be reason enough, gamers right now are not yet convinced by the latest in Windows Vista-only software.
Halo 2 released last month for the PC, albeit after a minor wardrobe malfunction, after originally appearing on the Xbox in 2004. Most gamers found that it wasn’t worth the extra wait for the PC version, with it scoring an average of over 20 percent lower than the console counterpart.

Shadowrun, another Windows Vista-only game, did not face any lag between it and the console version, though PC gamers not running the latest Microsoft operating system did find themselves completely unsupported.

Classic cracker group Razor 1911, however, has made it possible for those running Windows XP to play the supposedly Vista-only Shadowrun with the replacement of several files. Release notes from the group indicate that their illegal, cracked version of the software will only work with bot matches and over LAN, but not online. It is unclear if legitimate copies played on Windows XP will retain their online functionality.

For Windows XP gamers still waiting to play Halo 2, Falling Leaf Systems claims to be working on a software library that will allow the game to be run on the older operating system. Falling Leaf currently estimates that its software will be ready in late July.

"Well, there may be a reason why they call them 'Mac' trucks! Windows machines will not be trucks." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
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