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Samsung rolls out its highest capacity 1.8" flash SSD

Back in March, Samsung announced its 64GB flash Solid State Disk (SSD). The 1.8" unit promised read speeds of 65MB/sec and write speeds of 45MB/sec.

Samsung today revealed that it has started mass production of its new drive. The 64GB SSD uses 64 eight gigabit single-level cell (SLC) flash memory chips which are built on a 51 nanometer manufacturing process.

"We see sharply increasing interest in SSDs among OEMs worldwide amid a growing push to launch premium SSD-based notebooks, particularly in the ultra-mobile category," said Jim Elliott, director, flash marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

Samsung's 64GB SSD will likely appear at online retailers and inside ultra-portable notebooks (and UMPCs) within the coming weeks and months.

SSDs have the advantage of low power consumption, low weight, durability, silent operation and high performance. These advantages are expected to allow SSDs to account for 29 percent of ultra-portable notebooks and 25 percent of mainstream notebooks according to iSuppli.

The benefits afforded by SSDs are offset by one major deficit: pricing. 1.8" SSD are currently around five times more expensive than their 1.8" HDD counterparts. By the year 2010, that differential is expected to only drop to three times as expensive.

For those that simply can’t wait for the 1.8” 64GB SSDs to arrive, the older and slower 32GB version (53MB/sec reads, 30MB/sec writes) is available online for the princely sum of $529.

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By crystal clear on 6/26/2007 5:43:19 AM , Rating: 2
"We see sharply increasing interest in SSDs among OEMs worldwide amid a growing push to launch premium SSD-based notebooks, particularly in the ultra-mobile category," said Jim Elliott, director, flash marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

If you observe this product is mainly directed to OEMs.
Their(OEMs) orders are in bulk going into thousands,add all the orders from the large pool of OEMs,this amount into a huge production job.

The very fact they produce in large quantities,this enables
Samsung cut production cost substantially-a sizable cut indeed.
The lower productions cost enable them to sell to OEMS at very/extremely low rates/prices as they(OEMs) order in bulk.
They the OEMs pay extremely low prices than you the retail buyer.

I am quite sure Samsung has large confirmed orders from a large number of OEMs,this enables them to start production.

OEMs start their product planning statergies atleast a year + in advance(depends who it is).
For example-we are in 2007 but they the OEMs are talking/thinking/planning about 2008/9/10/+.

The motivating /driving force behind all these OEMs is Intel
with huge financial support/incentives/funding etc(call it what you like).Examples-

Quotes from D.T. article-

Working prototype Intel Ultra Mobile PC 2008 device running Windows XP

Intel Ultra Mobile PC 2007 platform to encompass both MIDs and UMPCs


"Today's environment is primed for a truly personal, mobile Internet experience and the Intel Ultra Mobile platform 2007 combines the flexibility of a PC with the mobility of a handheld device," said Anand Chandrasekher, Intel senior vice president and general manager for the Ultra Mobility Group. "But we will not stop here. In 2008, Intel will deliver an entirely new platform based on Intel’s 45nm low-power microarchitecture designed from the ground up to let people to carry their personal mobile Internet in their pocket."

Intel also announced that it has signed on Aigo, Asus, Fujitsu, Haier, HTC and Samsung for IUMPC2007. Intel also confirmed that the previously announced HTC Shift will use the platform.

Intel this week announced another major milestone for its ultra-mobile platform. Called Moorestown, Intel revealed that by roughly mid 2009, we will be able to see devices that consume 20 times less power than devices available in 2006. According to Intel roadmaps, Moorestown devices will be able to last a full day's of mixed productivity and leisure activities -- approximately 24 hours.

MIDs could be much more attractive for Intel than the UMPC.
By crystal clear on 6/9/07, Rating: 2
By crystal clear on 6/9/2007 12:40:43 AM , Rating: 2

Intel CEO: Silverthorne most important product since the introduction of the Pentium processor
Intel previously announced that Silverthorne will debut as part of the “McCaslin” platform in 2008.

You will notice behind all them is Intel & its financial support

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