In May 2007, Wireless Philadelphia formally accepted EarthLink's Proof of Concept area, a 15-square-mile test zone designed to prove the viability of the 135-square mile municipal Wi-Fi deployment project.
Report says most municipal wireless networks fail to serve the full community

Out of almost 200 cities in the United States that have deployed public Wi-Fi networks, less than half have actually fulfilled their goal of providing citywide service. According to MuniWireless, a firm that tracks Wi-Fi industry trends, political infighting and technical hurdles have presented the biggest barriers to broad deployment of municipal wireless networks in American cities.

While only 44 percent of existing municipal networks have succeeded in rolling out service to their entire community, 32 percent offer only limited hotspot availability and about 20 percent are only available for use by local government employees.

San Francisco's proposed citywide Wi-Fi network has remained on hold for more than two years. The fate of the network, to be installed by Google and Internet service provider Earthlink, will next be discussed at an upcoming July hearing before the city's board of supervisors. The board and the city's mayor have been at odds over the project since its inception.

The nation's most ambitious municipal Wi-Fi project, called Wireless Philadelphia, has fallen far behind schedule because of a series of redesigns and disputes with the local power company over plans to place antennas on utility poles. The network was originally due for completion in 2006, but that has now been extended to the end of 2007.

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