Maybe there's an achievement unlocked after having a dozen broken Xbox 360s

We’ve ran a few stories here on DailyTech about our very own Xbox 360’s getting the dreaded Red Ring of Death – the sign of a hardware failure within the console. We know we’re not alone either, as the Xbox 360 seems to be one of the more fragile pieces of electronic kit that we’ve had recent experience with.

Our luck with just a failed Xbox 360 or two is nothing compared to what Justin Lowe has gone through, however, who is currently on his twelfth console. Yes, that’s right, a dozen Xbox 360s. Thankfully for him, his console(s) is under warranty, though that is little consolation for the fact that he’s had to deal with weeks without an Xbox 360 every time it bites the dust.

Lowe shared his story with members of online communities and forums, and now tells his story in a 1UP feature. After his third Xbox 360 broke, Microsoft suggested to Justin that he look into the electrical wiring in his house. Even though Justin’s father is an electrician, he hired a contractor to confirm that all was good in his environment. Microsoft suggested that Justin look into possible electrical problems again after his eighth console.

While some may point to Microsoft’s practice of sending out refurbished consoles as a possible reason why he has gone through such a high number of consoles, Justin was able to get Microsoft to send him brand-new units. Still, same result with the unit, new or old, lasting just a month or two.

Though the tale of Justin and his 11 broken machines may be stuff of legend, the common gamer seems to have no problem amassing a few slain Xbox 360s. More and more evidence points to an abnormally high failure rate of Microsoft’s latest console.

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