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Microsoft's says goodbye to Office 2003

Office 2003 has been around for nearly four years and Microsoft feels that it's time to send the old mare off to the glue factory. According to Microsoft, OEM versions of Office 2003 will no longer be available from Microsoft after June 30.

For those that still wish to use Office 2003, Eric Ligman -- Microsoft US Senior Manager for Small Business Community Engagement -- offers this bit of advice: "Remember that for your clients wishing to run Office 2003 still today, by taking advantage of the downgrade rights included in the Volume Licensing versions of Microsoft Office 2007, they can utilize Office 2003 today and then move to Office 2007 when they are ready without having to re-buy their Office license like they would with OEM.  Remember that OEM Microsoft Office does not have downgrade rights."

Microsoft is now encouraging its OEMs to make the transition to Office 2007. Microsoft released Office 2007 for volume licensing on November 30 and made retail versions of the productivity suite available to customers on January 30.

Prices for retail copies of Office 2007 range from $149 for Office Home and Student 2007 to $499 for Office Professional 2007.

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RE: Office 2007 is crappy
By rippleyaliens on 6/20/2007 4:02:24 PM , Rating: 2
ELCHEAPO... SO you must be running bootleg office 2007... MEANING with 512mb on your workstation, with the cost of 1gb DIMMS being $32 EA... That tells us, you are one of those types of people, who love to dwell in the past versus upgrading..

MEANING= Office 97 rocked, until xp / 2000 came out.. subtle improvements.. 2003 totally rockedd.. in comparison. office 2007 in my opinion is awesome.. with the core (word, excel, access, outlook) the functionality is improved.. Visio= same ole, project=ditto...
Now with Open office, well sure it is free... but you have to realize that office 2007 will last you WELL until 2011-2013.. lets say 5 years.. Cost you 8 $ a month, for the ultimate office...same for teh vista if so desired.
YET in 5 years how many machines will you purchase..
Of course an application made in 2007 (released) will run slow on somm OLD A%^# machines.. duhhh...
Open office, still blows, considering, taht when i want to preform some simple tasks, i have to get on the internet and post somthing.. Simple for a small company under 20 usres.. but imagine a company that is in the 100's of usres.. YAH right.. that is like saying linux is free.. WHATEVER<<<
XP business cost $300 (full price)4$ a month, for 6 years... IE $1 a week..
See where the cost factor is..

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