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Microsoft's says goodbye to Office 2003

Office 2003 has been around for nearly four years and Microsoft feels that it's time to send the old mare off to the glue factory. According to Microsoft, OEM versions of Office 2003 will no longer be available from Microsoft after June 30.

For those that still wish to use Office 2003, Eric Ligman -- Microsoft US Senior Manager for Small Business Community Engagement -- offers this bit of advice: "Remember that for your clients wishing to run Office 2003 still today, by taking advantage of the downgrade rights included in the Volume Licensing versions of Microsoft Office 2007, they can utilize Office 2003 today and then move to Office 2007 when they are ready without having to re-buy their Office license like they would with OEM.  Remember that OEM Microsoft Office does not have downgrade rights."

Microsoft is now encouraging its OEMs to make the transition to Office 2007. Microsoft released Office 2007 for volume licensing on November 30 and made retail versions of the productivity suite available to customers on January 30.

Prices for retail copies of Office 2007 range from $149 for Office Home and Student 2007 to $499 for Office Professional 2007.

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RE: Mutter mutter
By RjBass on 6/20/2007 12:15:46 PM , Rating: 5
Open Office is crap. Anybody who has spent and real amount of time on Microsoft Office products and then has had to make the switch to OO know that OO just doesn't pack the features that Microsoft Office does. While the main functionality of the software works, many of the little things that make Microsoft Office what it is are not present.

An office where I am the IT manager for tried several different office suite products to hopefully find something cheaper that performed just as well. Open Office was tried with 5 different end users. All 5 came back with complaints about missing features, documents not able to open, worse productivity etc... We then switched out the end users who had to use Open Office for another 5 end users from a completely different department in a different city, they too came back with the exact same complaints.

Their are other office suite products that will work, and cost less then Microsoft Office, but Open Office is def not it.

RE: Mutter mutter
By Wonga on 6/20/2007 12:47:19 PM , Rating: 2
I like free software as much as anyone, but I am in agreement with your assessment RjBass.

I need to use spreadsheets all the time, and the Calc program in OpenOffice is severly lacking compared to Excel. Some things take longer, while some things can't be done at all in Calc. Excel 2007 feels like it extends this lead, mostly due to the simple manipulations you can perform with graphs.

Word and Powerpoint 2007 are also a nice improvement over 2003 and the OpenOffice alternatives. I have had some problems with Powerpoint 2007 crashing - it does happen more often than with Office 2003. Word and Excel seem stable though. I'm hoping a service pack will settle Powerpoint 2007 down.

Overall Office 2007 has increased my productivity. After learning the new interface, I'm of the opinion it is saving me time. If only for Powerpoint, I'd suggest everyone give the trial a go.

RE: Mutter mutter
By polaris2k4 on 6/20/2007 2:34:05 PM , Rating: 3
I also fully agree that OpenOffice, in its current state, cannot hold a candle to MS Office.

I mean when you factor in the price, OpenOffice is great, you cant beat being free. But when it comes to actually getting some work done, OO doesnt cut it. I tried Write and Calc and encountered issues. Formatting didnt work out sometimes, etc.

As an MS Office replacement, OO still has a long, long way to go.

RE: Mutter mutter
By FITCamaro on 6/21/2007 7:03:42 AM , Rating: 1
Also with you.

And if you try to submit bugs for it as I had to do for a software testing class in college, the developers are assholes.

I've got it installed on my video server machine at home but thats just because I needed something on it in case I wanted to look at a word document. I have Office 2007 on my main machine. $20 through my work for the business package.

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