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Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7.1 (Source: Auzentech)
The first third-party X-Fi based sound card will have Dolby Digital Live and DTS:Interactive

Auzentech has posted detailed specifications of the upcoming X-Fi Prelude 7.1 sound card. The Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7.1 is the first third party sound card based on the Creative Labs X-Fi sound processor.

Auzentech pairs the Creative Labs X-Fi CA20K audio processor with AKM digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital convertors. Auzentech employs four AKM AK4396VF DACs on X-Fi Prelude 7.1. The DACs boast 24-bit resolutions and 192 KHz sampling rates with a 120dB stereo signal-to-noise ratio. An AKM AK5394AVS ADC takes care of audio input duties. The ADC features 24-bit resolution and 192 KHz sampling rates.

The X-Fi Prelude 7.1 features a single user-replaceable front-channel OPAMP. Auzentech installs a National LM4562NA OPAMP with a rated 0.00003% total harmonic distortion levels on the X-Fi Prelude 7.1. The other six channels feature TI OPA2134 SoundPlus OPAMPs. The TI OPAMPs are not replaceable.

The new X-Fi Prelude 7.1 takes advantage of all X-Fi sound processor features including EAX Advanced HD 5.0, CMSS-3D, X-Fi Crystalizer and SoundFonts. Auzentech also installs 64MB of X-RAM on the X-Fi Prelude 7.1.

Eventually the Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7.1 will feature multi-channel audio encoding technologies. Auzentech plans to add Dolby Digital Live support in Q4’2007 for Windows Vista and XP. DTS Interactive and DTS NEO:PC support is planned for Q1’2008 for Windows Vista and XP operating systems.

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whats the point
By omnicronx on 6/13/2007 1:45:48 PM , Rating: -1
Is it just me or does this card seem a bit dumb..
I have an auzentech card, and its damn great card i will tell you. But i sure as hell did not buy it for the analogue sound.. previous auzentech cards featured DDL (dolby digital live) or DTS LIVE! which both covert stereo sound to 5.1 channel and also passes through true dolby or DTS sound via digital toslink or digi component cable..

It looks to me like this card is just a soundblaster X-FI with a tiny bit higher end replaceable parts.. with no DDL or DTS live.. so why the hell is auzentech venturing into a market that is flooded with a bunch of crappy cards.. hell the only reason creative is staying with analogue is because of EAX..and the crazy amound of money they make in liscensing.. which blows anyways and is only truly available through analogue..

getting down to the point.. this card seems useless.. nobody is gonna use this for recording professional sound.. if i wanted to buy a crappy inferior analogue card, i would buy creative not auzentech heh, and although it has higher end parts, if you want superior sound.. you would have gone digital as no matter how good the parts are.. its being converted from digital to analogue with DACS and SNR wont be as good..

they also mention adding DDL and DTS to the card later on.. but why would you need a quality analogue card and digital?
im sure a few people have a need for this setup.. but most people sure as hell wont.. if you have crappy analogue speakers system.. your not gonna get an expensive sound card.. and who buys an expensive sound system these days without a digital connection..

i dunno .. just my 2 cents

RE: whats the point
By bunnyfubbles on 6/13/2007 2:16:29 PM , Rating: 2
sounds to me like someone is sore that their Auzentech card is not the Prelude

RE: whats the point
By omnicronx on 6/13/2007 2:37:14 PM , Rating: 2
i don't really care what auzentech does heh.. i have one of their top o line sound cards already .. and my sound wont get any better without getting a new system. i just think its stupid to get into a dying market thats already flooded.. and they are using all their parts from their only real competitor.. it just doesnt make sense to use creative chips to go into a market creative dominates..

RE: whats the point
By Clienthes on 6/13/2007 2:35:36 PM , Rating: 2
if you have crappy analogue speakers system...

Sound is analogue.
All speakers are analogue.
All digit sources are converted to analogue.

The only choice is where the conversion takes place. If you have a really high end pre-pro, you might only want digital output from your card. If that's what you want, then yeah, the absence of DDL/DTS hurts this card.

If you are going to use the card to do the conversion and sent the analogue signal to your amp, then this card is the right choice. This card most likely has better DAC than most pre-pros out there, so why add another link in your audio chain?

Anyway, the point of cards like this is that they are better at processing the digital information and converting it to analogue than lesser cards and most "audiophile" stand-alone components. Hook this to a dedicated amp via the analogue outs and you'll be very pleased.

RE: whats the point
By omnicronx on 6/13/2007 2:54:53 PM , Rating: 1
yawn.. yes all speakers are analogue.. all digi sources are converted to analogue.. and yes the whole point is to make less 'links' in the chain..

First off.. a digital connection is the best way to have the least amount of 'links'.. digital link to receiver -> receiver decodes to analogue and your done..

second as you said.. it all comes down to when/where the signal is converted .. almost ANY surround receiver will have better DACS then just about any sound card aside from studio quality cards.. which are not what we are talking about here.. so if anyones intention was to find the best way to process digital information, it would not be via sound card but digital connection..

I am not trying to argue with anyone.. i just think this is a stupid card for auzentech after release 3 of in my opinion.. best sound cards on the market.. then after all their success, stoop to the same lows as creative has.

id also like to point out.. when inputting analogue multichannel through your receiver.. you can not use the equalizer or anything for that matter to process your sound..

RE: whats the point
By Duraz0rz on 6/13/2007 4:18:56 PM , Rating: 2
I think the point of this card is to reach out to a wider market. I wasn't interested in any cards other than Creative's offerings because the rest simply don't play games as well nor has the gaming features.

Now with this card, gamers can get the best audio quality without having to sacrifice EAX 5.0 and FPS.

I'm buying one. Just hopefully the drivers are much better than Creative's.

And I know I don't have the best setup for audio quality (Klipsch Promedia Ultra 2.1s and Sennheiser eh-150 headphones bleh), but for analogue audio, this card would seem to be the best out of the box.

RE: whats the point
By Lakku on 6/13/2007 3:06:03 PM , Rating: 2
In the words of the mighty geico cavemen. Uhh.. what?

How exactly do you plan on getting your digital signal back into analog without DAC(s) (digital to analog conversion incase you didn't know)? If I want superior sound, I don't use a computer or a computer sound card whatsoever and I maybe don't even use digital unless it's for a movie for the surround sound.

As it stands, current Auzentech boards are horrible at gaming if you are using EAX, and yes, I use the Xplosion that connects to a AC-3 receiver. Stereo and positional audio is fine, but using EAX leads to pops, static, and other issues with a number of games.

RE: whats the point
By omnicronx on 6/13/2007 7:29:44 PM , Rating: 1
makes sense Duraz0rz.. never thought about it that way

.. and thanks whoever for the bad rating ;) i LOVE IT!

lakku your right i should have read what i wrote.. i should have noted.. (as i did in an earlier post) that the dacs in creative cards (or any soundcard for that matter) are nowhere near as good as the dacs in almost any surround receiver.

and about eax and pops and static.. i have an xplosion and i have no problems.. all ive noticed is a big loss in framerate (7%-10%)

RE: whats the point
By clemedia on 6/13/2007 8:43:03 PM , Rating: 2
Might pick this up once DTS support is added. Good thing it is on the PCI bus, my only available 1x PCI-E slot is being used by my HDTV tuner (and that will NOT be removed for some sound card).

I wish sound cards still came with game ports though.....I still have controllers which work the same as the day I bought them (like my gravis joystick I bought back when I had my 486). I refuse to go out and buy new stuff when what I have works fine.

RE: whats the point
By powerincarnate on 6/13/2007 9:24:18 PM , Rating: 2
You guys sure have a lot to say. I'm a Hardware guy as far as computers go, but I know the least about sound cards and the way it works. My current setup is a 4.1 system with Logitch Z480(or was it 460) system. 400 Watts of power so it isn't weak. Sound is great compare to my original speakers my computer came WAY long time ago. Actually My this is my second Z480s as the original blew up one day at school when I touched my chair and the static electricity traveled across the floor and blew up my Sub-Woofer.

I have the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 sound card. I just built rebuild my computer and now have a core 2 duo E6600, Geforce 8800 GTS 320 graphic card, new case and so on.

Basically without all the introduction, I looked at the HT-Omega Claro/Claroplus+ cards, the AuzentechX-Meridian card, and the X-FI creative cards. I then decide to wait for the possibility of the X-Prelude which was suppose to come out at the end of may but delayed to what I thought was suppose to be June. So, is it even worth it to Upgrade with my current speaker system coming from Audigy 2, and if so Which one do you guys recommend.

RE: whats the point
By Duraz0rz on 6/14/2007 3:54:08 PM , Rating: 2
In my opinion, if you're happy with the sound you are getting, then there is no reason to upgrade :)

Of course, if you want the best, then get the best. I'm getting it because I want the best sound quality I can get without sacrificing gaming performance and features.

RE: whats the point
By DragonMaster0 on 6/13/2007 9:37:18 PM , Rating: 2
Again an other question I already asked to Auzentech, no, it's not a recording-oriented product, and they don't plan to build some anytime soon, so, yes, it's just an X-Fi with high-end DACs. Same drivers, no added features (except software digital compression coming in the future)

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