Dell will continue to sell TVs under its own brand as well as others

Late yesterday Reuters indicated Dell would exit the LCD television business. According to the early reports, the move would allow Dell to focus on its core competencies and less on diversifying.

Today, Dell representatives told reporters that while the company will make changes to its LCD TV line, it will be staying in the LCD TV market for the long haul.  Dell spokeswoman Rachel Lyon revealed that Dell will actually offer a larger selection of screens.

"We will soon offer a wider assortment of televisions from leading manufacturers that feature the latest technology and meet Dell's high standards for performance," said Lyon.

Dell will be announcing a number of new screens starting with 37-inches following with smaller sizes. Dell currently sells LCD TVs up to 46-inches not under its own brand but by Sony. The largest Dell branded TV from Dell reaches 37-inches.

"Nothing has changed from what we communicated in February," Lyon concluded.

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Update: Dell Exits LCD TV Business
June 7, 2007, 5:00 PM

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