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Cinebench ran AMD "Barcelona" 1.6 GHz in 27 seconds. (Source: DailyTech, Anh Huynh)

Cinebench ran Xeon X3220 2.4 GHz in 17 seconds. (Source: DailyTech, Anh Huynh)
An early AMD "Barcelona" revision gets its first non-simulated benchmark

Earlier today, AMD announced that it successfully demonstrated Barcelona across the server market.  The company did not publically state how fast the processor was running, the stepping of the processor, the processor thermal envelope or the eventual ship date.

We had the opportunity to benchmark the AMD Barcelona, native quad-core on an early stepping. We only had a few minutes to test the chip, but we were able to run a quick Cinebench before we were instructed to leave.

The AMD benchmark ran on a single-socket, K10 CPU running at 1.6 GHz on NVIDIA's nForce Professional 3400 chipset.  According to the system properties, the AMD system used 4GB of DDR2-667.

The most similar Intel system we could muster up on such short notice was an Intel Xeon 3220.  The Xeon X3220 is clocked at 2.4 GHz, and ran on Intel's Garlow platform (Intel X38).  This system property profile stated the system utilized 4GB of DDR2-800.

Cinebench completed the default benchmark in 27 seconds for the 1.6 GHz K10; 17 seconds for the Intel Xeon X3220.  The Kentsfield Xeon was 58% faster with a 50% higher clock frequency for Cinebench.

Both systems ran Windows 2003 R2, 64-bit.

AMD partner engineers tell DailyTech the chip we tested was the latest revision silicon.  The same engineers claim 2.0 GHz Barcelona chips are making the rounds, with 2.3 GHz already on the desktop and server roadmaps. 

AMD's current guidance suggests a late July announcement for Barcelona.  However, when DailyTech tracked down the individual partners named in AMD's press release, all cited "optimistic September" ship dates for motherboards. 

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RE: Quick, DT!
By mhahnheuser on 6/7/2007 2:36:48 AM , Rating: 2
Quite right. Enthusiasts like us want the muscle, but truth is the rest of the world plus dog wants, smaller, quieter, less power hungry cpu's. AMD is fighting on 2 fronts now, CPU market and GPU market. It's stetched itself pretty thin, but in the long term it means getting a greater variety of products in every market segment on the table. X2 is plenty fast enough for "Windoze any flavor." Hence seeing lower and lower powered Athlons appearing. Also the more I use the Cool and Quiet feature on my desktop the more I like it and makes me feel better about leaving it idling. I think this feature is highly underated. Also I managed to break a P4EE nForce4 mobo the other day. Culprit was heat, the offending part was the Northbridge, 1066MHz FSB and beyond has challenges. Look at the cooling solutions on the 680i mobos? Faster is not always better, and AMD needs to reposition itself in the short term to be a stronger competitor in the long term. Short sightedness is termed "myopia." (and before i'm plastered a fanboi, my 2nd system is based on C2D.)

"I want people to see my movies in the best formats possible. For [Paramount] to deny people who have Blu-ray sucks!" -- Movie Director Michael Bay

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