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Top spammer caught on 35 counts of fraud, identity theft, money laundering

The war against spam seems to be never-ending, but a small battle was won earlier this week. Robert Alan Soloway, 27, was arrested Wednesday in Seattle on charges of mail fraud, wire fraud, email fraud, aggravated identity theft and money laundering. Soloway pleaded not guilty to all charges.

"Spam is a scourge of the Internet, and Robert Soloway is one of its most prolific practitioners. Our investigators dubbed him the Spam King because he is responsible for millions of spam e-mails," Jeffrey Sullivan, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington, said in a statement.

Soloway allegedly spammed the masses in email fraud since 2003 by using hijacked computers from around the world, and covered his tracks using Chinese servers, fabricated websites and stolen identities.

According to the Washington Post: “Soloway's company, Newport Internet Marketing, defrauded its customers by offering to send a high volume of legitimate e-mail marketing messages or to sell software that could be used in mass mailings. Neither approach performed as advertised but generated a torrent of spam. When customers complained, Soloway allegedly refused to provide assistance or refund the sales, instead threatening to charge them with additional fees and refer them to collections agencies.”

Anti-spam agency Spamhaus once named Soloway in its top ten list of worst offenders, though he’s since been outpaced by even greater threats from eastern Europe. "He is one of the bad ones. He's one of the longest-running and uses criminal methods all the time," said John Reid, an investigator with Spamhaus. "Anyone on the Web for a while would have received one of Soloway's spams."

This isn’t the first time Soloway has run into the legal system for his spamming activities. In 2005, Microsoft won a $7.8 million judgment against him for his spoofing of MSN and Hotmail email addresses. Unfortunately, the $7.8 million could never be collected because Soloway’s funds and bank accounts remained elusive.

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RE: how about...
By ButterFlyEffect78 on 6/2/2007 3:33:56 PM , Rating: -1
Islamo-facist? Huh? Come again! Whats wrong? Couldn't ask that in a more direct way because you fear if someone finds it racist? Hahaha what a poor soul you are m8. May your god protect your derelict soul.

Ok,racism is a form of intolerance,correct?So why
are you being intolerent about intolerence?Doesnt
add up.Also,if you got rid of all the people that
had a different opinion than you,then you wouldnt
have much a debate now would you?

I took no offense whatsoever, when you called me
'Islamo-facist' (born christian). In fact, my wife and I had monkey sex last night, so its only fitting. ooh ooh ahh ahh

Keep em coming Im really enjoying much fun playin with bunch of kids. Mowhaaaaaaaa haha

RE: how about...
By elpresidente2075 on 6/2/2007 11:36:47 PM , Rating: 1
How about just a plain ol', over the top dumbass who thinks its cool to (since the internet provides so much anonymity) be racist, self centered, bigoted, and just a troublemaker in general.

I remember when I used to do that sort of things as well. Similar sorts of arguments too. At least I had the excuse that I was 9 years old and didn't know any better. Maybe you should go get back to having monkey sex and making up whatever weird, slanted, and generally misguided political views you need, since the only effect it seems you'll ever have is pissing off a bunch of people that you've never met, never will meet, and just don't care about.

Congratulations at being one of the internet trolls that everyone hates, but has to tolerate since we can't just ban you.

And to address the Islamo-Facist thing? Maybe you're just a regular Facist, a Neo-Nazi perhaps. I didn't refer to you as Muslim, as you seem to imply that I should, because that is inaccurate. The emphasis, dumbass, is on the Facist part, not on the Islamo part. They just seem to be all the rage today in the Bizzarro sections of the internet and I suspected you to have taken on such an identity.

Again, I find it unfortunate that you think it entertaining to come into a section of the internet such as this and make a total jackass of yourself. Perhaps one day you'll grow up and find that noone really cares, and all you're doing is making the world a worse place to be.

Good day sir.

RE: how about...
By ButterFlyEffect78 on 6/3/07, Rating: -1
RE: how about...
By Kragoth on 6/8/2007 12:05:48 AM , Rating: 1
You have some "interesting" ideas on politics and life in general I must say. But, some of them are deeply flawed and lack a greater understanding of the world in which you live.

1. You said. "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer." This is true only by choice of those rich and poor people respectively. If you are poor you CAN become rich. All you have to do is make the right decisions and listen to the right people and work on your self development. This has been proven thousands of times and thus I can point out that you do not truly understand economics and personal development.

2. To prove a point you need to clearly state your argument, then back the argument up with some cold hard facts. Instead you only resort to claiming your opponent is ignorant (among other insults)

3. Is English even your first language? If so, maybe you should read what you type before posting it as it will lower people's opinion of you by posting using the level of English you do at the moment.

4. Unless you are a politician then I would seriously doubt you have any more understanding of the situation then many of your fellow citizens. Thus every person has the right to voice their opinion and you should treat everyone as though their opinion has merit unless you have evidence that you can produce to the contrary.

5. Try to formulate your response without making one insult or claim that I am ignorant or anything like that. :)

PS If you would like to get rich then go buy some personal development books.

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