PSP users can now watch videos, listen to music and view pictures off PS3

Sony’s PSP has received a new 3.5 firmware update. This update, along with the latest 1.8 PlayStation 3 firmware, unlocks one of the most exciting connectivity features between the two Sony devices: Remote Play.

Remote Play enables the two devices to connect to each other, one serving as a media hub and the other as a portable viewer. Users can now store their music, pictures and video content on their PlayStation 3 console, and access it remotely with their PSP wherever and whenever it is connected to an adequate Internet connection.

While users can carry gigabytes of media on their PSPs using Memory Stick Pro, connectivity with the PlayStation 3 offers access to 20 or 60 GB (or even more for those who have upgraded their consoles). The term Remote Play is a bit of a misnomer, however, as the system does not currently support any form of gaming.

Also in the 3.5 PSP update is a new RSS Channel Guide to offer better support for RSS feeds. The update for PSP may be obtained now using the system’s auto update feature.

More than a week ago, Sony released version 1.8 firmware for the PlayStation 3, which also added legacy game and DVD movie upscaling to 1080 resolutions.

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