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Those Wiikeys and Cyclowizes could be soon out of a job

The huge and immediate success of the Wii is attracting attention from millions of consumers – and of course, along with the market follows the nefarious types. Modchips for Wii appeared just a couple months after the console’s availability, opening up the black market for the piracy of Wii games.

In fact, the advent of modchips for Wii has actually sparked increases in demand for the console in markets where piracy runs rampant, such a China. According to a Gamasutra story, imported Wiis from the U.S. and Japan sold in Shanghai during late 2006 for near retail prices. Following the release of the modchips, the demand of Wii increased, as did its price by more than $100. Pirated Wii games are sold on the black market for approximately $1.30.

Nintendo is finally putting some effort into thwarting the viability of Wii mods, as reports from Japan indicate that the latest console hardware revisions are now much more difficult to modify with current chips.

According to a forum post on, three pins used by current modchips to alter the console’s drive software and now physically cut, making modifications impossible for all but those with highly advanced skills and tools. The hardware revision has only been discovered in Wiis from Japan, though it’s reasonable to expect that anti-mod measures will soon make their way worldwide.

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ha, "mod-proof"
By NotAok on 5/30/2007 9:45:29 AM , Rating: 3
i wouldn't be surprised if these new MOD-PROOF Wii's were hacked even faster than the originals. The modders know how everything works and how to break into the console, so it's just a matter of applying it again in a slightly different scenario.

Plus, the fact that this is being promoted as being harder or impossible to hack will only further push hackers to break it.

RE: ha, "mod-proof"
By ihateu3 on 5/30/2007 10:39:28 AM , Rating: 2
i wouldn't be surprised if these new MOD-PROOF Wii's were hacked even faster than the originals. The modders know how everything works and how to break into the console

the wii doesn't need to be rehacked. Nothing has changed hardware wise. Nintendo just made it harder to solder in the chip by cutting off 3 of the legs that are normally soldered to. The link to the thread i posted earlier already has pics of modders who have used a dremel on the chip, to carve away at it until they are able to get to the traces inside. This is by far outside of my soldering skill range, but it has already been done.

I don't know about that. Pirated Gamecube games were preitty rare. If Nintendo had stuck with a silly size for the discs (such as .5 a cm smaller than a DVD or .5 cm larger) and written the data backwards (like with the cube). They would be much harder to copy.

this is a common misconception. The GC discs are not written backwards. It is still widely accepted that they are (check wiki for proof that they are not). One of the main reasons gc was not pirated much was because of a barcode on the innermost ring that is in an area inaccessible to most commercial burners. And the second reason is because gamecube was not a highly desirable it was not as profitable to pirates or modchip manufacturers to target this system.

But the wii is the most desirable system out right now. It is being targeted highly in the hacking community, and i can't wait for it to run homebrew

xbox media center on the wii anyone?

RE: ha, "mod-proof"
By Samus on 5/30/2007 4:25:14 PM , Rating: 2
I've already modded one of the rev A4 consoles. They've been here since the beginning of the month, not just in Japan like this article says.

Wiinja has already updated their installation diagrams with the new revision. Basically, you need to run a few more wires or repair the traces with a graphite/lead pencil or radioshack tracepen.

It isn't really any more difficult than the initial stages of the mod. The most time-consuming part, as usual with any console (except the XBOX which was a joke to mod) is opening everything up because of all the pieces of the Wii housing and the different screws (philips/tri-star)

And, lastly, as any WiiMOD owner knows, the suckiest thing about modding a Wii is the fact that the Wii drive is VERY picky about media. So far Memorex DVD+R's have worked best for me, but half the time I get a disc read error while loading a burn.

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