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Those Wiikeys and Cyclowizes could be soon out of a job

The huge and immediate success of the Wii is attracting attention from millions of consumers – and of course, along with the market follows the nefarious types. Modchips for Wii appeared just a couple months after the console’s availability, opening up the black market for the piracy of Wii games.

In fact, the advent of modchips for Wii has actually sparked increases in demand for the console in markets where piracy runs rampant, such a China. According to a Gamasutra story, imported Wiis from the U.S. and Japan sold in Shanghai during late 2006 for near retail prices. Following the release of the modchips, the demand of Wii increased, as did its price by more than $100. Pirated Wii games are sold on the black market for approximately $1.30.

Nintendo is finally putting some effort into thwarting the viability of Wii mods, as reports from Japan indicate that the latest console hardware revisions are now much more difficult to modify with current chips.

According to a forum post on, three pins used by current modchips to alter the console’s drive software and now physically cut, making modifications impossible for all but those with highly advanced skills and tools. The hardware revision has only been discovered in Wiis from Japan, though it’s reasonable to expect that anti-mod measures will soon make their way worldwide.

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RE: nintendo strategi
By ihateu3 on 5/30/2007 5:35:08 AM , Rating: 2
this has not been verified yet...and i am suprised that dailytech is not reporting it as a possible hoax. This has not been confirmed yet and is still a rumor

*edit* sorry it is CONFIRMED! But if you are a master solderer the system can still be the article is misleading by stating that "the latest console hardware revisions are now unmoddable with current chips" If you can solder to the points inside the chip, any current modchip will work.

RE: nintendo strategi
By Marcus Yam on 5/30/2007 7:09:43 AM , Rating: 4
You're right. I remember looking at the picture of the solder points and figured that someone could possibly still mod it, though it's such an undertaking that it'll basically nuke all the current "hobbyist" modchip sales. I've since updated the story slightly to reflect this detail.

I suspect that a new chip will follow, rather than "master solderers" taking over the production of modded Wiis.

RE: nintendo strategi
By mindless1 on 5/30/2007 5:30:38 PM , Rating: 2
Exactly. "Most" things are hackable to an expert but the real intention is to make the skill level required to do it, beyond that of the majority of owners.

RE: nintendo strategi
By marvdmartian on 5/30/2007 9:15:44 AM , Rating: 4
And some uber-geek college kid will figure out how to McGuyver a mod to the new Wii, using nothing more than a Sharpie, a paperclip and two wads of bubblegum, in 5, 4, 3, 2........

RE: nintendo strategi
By johnsonx on 5/30/2007 8:51:50 PM , Rating: 2
definitely gonna need some duct tape too

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