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Lead-tin interconnects, like the ones seen on this Intel "Prescott" processor, are a thing of the past. (Thumbnail and image source: Chipworks)
Intel is taking the next step in environmentally friendly products

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RE: Nice one!
By Oregonian2 on 5/23/2007 8:35:00 PM , Rating: 2
They may have not phrased it that way.

But in any case all of these sarcastic retorts are IMO rather silly.

RoHS'ification (which includes six materials, one of which is lead) is something driven by the EU. You do it if you want to sell stuff there (or your customers want to sell stuff there).

That's what's driving the lead free campaign, and it's not just Intel, it's the entire electronics industry (along with other industries as well).

That said, the amount allowed is a lot more than zero so their part may already be RoHS compliant and they're taking it further, which is fine and good.

Good things are good things even if it isn't Mother Teresa doing it. Good things should be applauded rather than punished. Even if it's unusual, still should happen that way.

One may argue how big are the "bonus points" they earn doing it, because it may have happened "for free" when done for other reasons, but they still get bonus points -- just a matter of how many and how big the points are.

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