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The new sensor will enable clearly luminated images from atmospheres as dark as a movie theater. (Source: Korea Electronic Technology Institute)
Researchers don't want you to worry about bright flashes in dimly-lit scenes anymore

Our eyes will possibly get some relief from the blinding flash of cameras in low-light scenarios.  South Korea's Electronic Technology Institute announced the development of a new image sensor chip that allows digital cameras to capture vibrant images without a flash in dark spaces.

The digital camera equipped with the chip will be able to take high-resolution photos or video-recordings at 1 lux.  The camera will be able to snap pictures in places such as theaters, underground traffic tunnels, or dark-lit bars and clubs.  The chip promises clear pictures with light as bright as the lighting from a candle 1 meter away in a dark room and is said to be 2,000 times more light sensitive than other sensor types.  The will initially be used for camera phones, CCTV cameras and vehicle rear-view cameras.

Institute officials stated that state-run Korea Electronics Technology Institute has developed the single carrier modulation photo detector (SMPD) chip using nanotechnology.

The institute already spent roughly 11 billion won ($10.5 million USD) on the development of the SMPD chip over the past four years.  The expected earnings from the chip exportation is about 2 trillion won ($2.2 billion USD) annually

No news has been released yet about the production details of the chip, nor has there been any pricing estimates on the chip.

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I want to see sensor specs.
By zsouthboy on 5/22/2007 6:00:40 PM , Rating: 2
Put up or shut up, get-everyone's-hopes-up researchers.

1 lux tells me jack shit.

I *hardly* believe that they made a sensor 1000x more sensitive to current tech. But of course, I'm willing to look at data and claims.

RE: I want to see sensor specs.
By ronster on 5/23/2007 3:58:26 AM , Rating: 2
Sample images would be nice too. If this is going to make a splash in digital photography I want to know what the noise performance and dynamic range of this thing is. Given the sample applications in the article suggest camera phones and CCTV then i'm not overly confident one of these is going to turn up in a decent DSLR body anytime soon.

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