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Last year Time Warner Sued DirecTV for false advertising; now it's time for Comcast to join the party

Competition in the cable and television industry is as fierce as it is in the IT industry. This week, two major television giants DirecTV and Comcast go up against each other in a case over false advertising. DirecTV filed a lawsuit against Comcast this week over an ad campaign that DirecTV claims is untrue.

According to the suit, DirecTV charges Comcast with not only false advertising but also deceptive business practices in print, radio and Internet ad campaigns. Comcast's advertisements make claim that satellite subscribers feel that Comcast's cable HDTV service provides higher quality images.

In a bold statement, one of Comcast's ads claim, "Comcast wins the HD Picture Challenge, Satellite customers agree: HD looks better with Comcast."

DirecTV representatives indicated that there's no substantial evidence for Comcast's claim that its service is better. "The magid survey upon which Comcast relies does not provide or sufficiently substantiate the propositions for which Comcast cites the survey," the suit said. "Comcast's advertising and promotional claims, including the aforementioned, are literally false."

Comcast representatives indicated that the company stands behind the results of its survey.

Late last year, Time Warner sued DirecTV for the same, claiming that DirecTV produced false ads. DirecTV produced ads claiming that people would not be able to watch certain NFL football games without subscribing to its services. The ads appeared in newspapers nationwide.

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RE: cable vs. directv
By rushfan2006 on 5/29/2007 4:25:45 PM , Rating: 2
I have directv because I get more channels I actually want to watch, and it works out cheaper than cable, and the picture quality is about 30% better than cable's. More HD channels right now, better picture quality, cheaper price.

It's all perspective and like so many things in life - the opinions and experiences will vary from person to person, city to city, house to house.

My folks for instance had DirectTV for a year solid their opinion is damn near the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you stated. They are now back to Comcast and are actually paying less and have a better picture (and less problems with service).

let's see now 8 Mbps vs. 1.5 Mbps, sounds like cable is faster now doesn't it? except that 8 is a higher latency network so fast small communications are laggy compared to dsl which is you your central office connection point and then the router/gateway and bam your on the internet. now also look at the average download speeds from most web sites are capped per connection to 1.5, when more than one individual arrives and requests a page, to avoid choking their server bandwidth...

Again, mileage will vary - everyone loves (especially those railing for DSL) to point out the "shared bandwidth" vs "dedicated" analogies. The folks who end their comments there and just accept that -- don't really know much to challenge such claims. It all comes down to the segment you are on. This in turns relates to the area of service your connection is a part of. Some people get lucky and get on very stable and low latency segments (good equipment, lower amount of users, etc.)...some people get the bad luck of being in extremely congested segments or segments that have older equipment running them that have yet to be upgraded. Fortunately I'm in the former of those two. My connection is fantastic, sure I'm still only getting 8 mbps and I'm paying $40 for it, but the reliability is incredible and very low latency. Examples: 5 years as a customer - 3 outages in that time, longest one lasted a couple hours. avg. latency in games and such...about 30-50ms. I'll take that.

also look at gaming, if you play any online first person shooters you hear all the cable internet people complaining of lag and "damn comcast". I hear "damn comcast" so much it's become kind of a new "leet speak" term like pwnd.

Again, as with your entire post -- very very narrow views you are voicing here. Computer gaming is one of favorite "hobbys" when I have free time and not spending it with the family. Been doing it for 20 years, been playing online since the 1200 baud modem days.

I have ZERO issues with latency online that are solely reflected by my internet connection.

I never have issues with FPS games either.

So again, your experience will vary - it all depends on how the service performs to YOUR satisfaction. You love DSL and DirectTV..therefore, great -- if you get more value out of those services -- stick with it.

In my condo and my area -- its quite the opposite.

"So if you want to save the planet, feel free to drive your Hummer. Just avoid the drive thru line at McDonalds." -- Michael Asher
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