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Last year Time Warner Sued DirecTV for false advertising; now it's time for Comcast to join the party

Competition in the cable and television industry is as fierce as it is in the IT industry. This week, two major television giants DirecTV and Comcast go up against each other in a case over false advertising. DirecTV filed a lawsuit against Comcast this week over an ad campaign that DirecTV claims is untrue.

According to the suit, DirecTV charges Comcast with not only false advertising but also deceptive business practices in print, radio and Internet ad campaigns. Comcast's advertisements make claim that satellite subscribers feel that Comcast's cable HDTV service provides higher quality images.

In a bold statement, one of Comcast's ads claim, "Comcast wins the HD Picture Challenge, Satellite customers agree: HD looks better with Comcast."

DirecTV representatives indicated that there's no substantial evidence for Comcast's claim that its service is better. "The magid survey upon which Comcast relies does not provide or sufficiently substantiate the propositions for which Comcast cites the survey," the suit said. "Comcast's advertising and promotional claims, including the aforementioned, are literally false."

Comcast representatives indicated that the company stands behind the results of its survey.

Late last year, Time Warner sued DirecTV for the same, claiming that DirecTV produced false ads. DirecTV produced ads claiming that people would not be able to watch certain NFL football games without subscribing to its services. The ads appeared in newspapers nationwide.

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By gramboh on 5/25/2007 4:44:47 PM , Rating: 2
Anyone know what bitrates the two send our 720P/1080i channels at? Would be interesting to know. If they are the same for video and sound they Comcast is wrong.

RE: Bandwidth
By Souka on 5/25/2007 5:24:04 PM , Rating: 2
I seem to recall reading an article talking about such a comparison...

I seem to recall that yes DirectTV does offer more HD content... if you could shopping channels and paid advertisements...

And far as bit-rate, DirectTV heavily compresses their data stream, resulting in a poor image compared to Comcast.

My $.02

RE: Bandwidth
By djcameron on 5/25/2007 5:32:43 PM , Rating: 2
I've been a DirectTV customer for a long time, but recently I installed Comcast so I could see which one I liked better. DirecTV HD was clearly better on my 42" LCD TV. In my opinion, of course.

RE: Bandwidth
By dmark07 on 5/25/2007 5:43:36 PM , Rating: 2
For HD programming, cable companies currently use MPEG2 encoding with variable bit rates. They then try and put three HD channels into a 36Mbps data stream. The cable provider then balances out the stream by placing two less action intensive channels with one channel that generally has higher data requirements. EX. DiscoveryHD with two local stations. If this is not possible, then only two HD channels are placed in a stream.

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