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The Nintendo DS and Wii owned the video games market during April

Research firm NPD Funworld has released video game sales figures for April 2007, which once again belong much to Nintendo. The Wii and the DS continued to be top sellers, with Nintendo’s handheld taking top spot at 471,000 units and the home console selling 360,000 units.

Sony ruled the two spots after Nintendo, though it is the last-generation PlayStation 2 that takes third at 194,000 units and the PlayStation Portable at fourth at 183,000. The PlayStation 3 places three spots below the PSP at seventh, selling 82,000.

In fifth is Microsoft’s only entry, the Xbox 360, with 174,000 units. Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance, with 84,000 units, placed just above the PS3, while the GameCube held sat at the bottom with 13,000 units sold.

On the software side, Nintendo ruled the top four spots with the two new Pokemon games taking first and second. Pokemon Diamond sold an astounding 1.045 million units, while the less popular Pokemon Pearl moved a still impressive 712,000 copies. A pair of Wii games, Super Paper Mario and Wii Play, took spots three and four, respectively.

Guitar Hero II rocked spot five on Xbox 360 and spot six on the PlayStation 2. The Spider-Man 3 games on Xbox 360 and PS2 took seven and eight, while PS2 games God of War II and MLB ’07 closed out the last two of the top ten.

April represented another strong month for the video games industry, pulling in $838.6 million in U.S. sales – a 20 percent growth over the same period last year.

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