Rock out like Master Chief with the Halo Zune

With the Halo 3 multiplayer beta starting today and the retail release just 132 days away, the Halo 3-related marketing machine is just getting started. One of the first cross-promotion kits is the special edition Halo Zune music player, now available for preorder from GameStop.

The special edition music player will be instantly recognizable by its grey finish with Halo-esque markings. The 30GB drive inside the Zune will come preloaded with artwork, music and videos from the Halo trilogy, plus episodes from the Red vs. Blue machinima.

Preloaded videos include various Halo 2 and 3 trailers, along with three “making of” Halo 3 documentary videos. The first six episodes of Red vs. Blue are also included, plus a special custom episode made just for Zune buyers.

The special Zune will also come with tunes to play right away, as the complete Halo original soundtrack and two volumes of the Halo 2 original soundtrack will be stored inside. Finally, over 120 different images, including game concept art, storyboards, paintings, and conceptual marketing imagery make up the free artwork portion of this Halo-themed Zune.

The special edition Halo Zune is priced at $249.99, just like every other Zune, and will ship on June 15.

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