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Intel set to cut prices ahead of AMD's "Barcelona" launch

Last week, AMD talked about its desktop plans for the upcoming year in Sunnyvale, California. Although AMD showed its upcoming desktop processor running in single and dual-socket configurations, the company chose not to announce an official launch date for its next-generation desktop processors. According to Robert Rivet, AMD executive vice president and CFO, however, AMD's next-generation processors will be ready by Christmas.

Despite how distant the possible December launch date of AMD's native quad-core desktop processors may seem, Intel is already stepping up the competition and will be instituting a series of aggressive price cuts in July. We originally reported these major price cuts, which will be targeting Intel's quad-core desktop and server processors, in March. At the time, we didn't know the official date of when the price cuts would take place. We can confirm today that the price cuts will take place on July 22.

Intel Core 2 Quad
L2 Cache
FSB July 22
QX6800 2.93 GHz 8MB 1066 MHz
Q6700 2.66 GHz 8MB 1066 MHz
Q6600 2.40 GHz 8MB 1066 MHz

The first part of the price cuts will center on Intel's quad-core desktop processors. The Q6600, which Intel launched in February, currently sells for $530 in quantities of 1000. When the product was originally launched, it was priced at $851 in quantities of 1000. The next round of price cuts will effectively lower the price to $266. The selling price of the Intel QX6700 will also be lowered, coming in at $530 by the end of July.

Intel Quad Core Xeon DP
L2 Cache
FSBJuly 22
X53653.00 GHz 8MB 1333 MHz
X5355 2.66 GHz8MB 1333 MHz
E5345 2.33 GHz 8MB 1333 MHz
2.00 GHz 8MB1333 MHz
E53201.86 GHz 8MB 1066 MHz
1.60 GHz 8MB1066 MHz
L53201.86 GHz 8MB 1066 MHz
1.60 GHz 8MB1066 MHz

Intel is also slashing the prices of its quad core Xeon DP processors. The flagship Xeon DP X5355 will see its introductory $1172 price drop to a more manageable $744. Likewise, Intel's slowest 1333MHz FSB Xeon DP processor will drop to $316 while the Intel's two low-voltage Xeon DP L5320 and L5310 processors will fall to $320 and $273 respectively.

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slow/expencive xeons
By Visual on 5/16/2007 5:54:43 AM , Rating: 2
The clocks on those Xeons are disappointing. I was hoping for some SMP dual-socket quad-core system at comparable clocks to desktop chips. Oh well, maybe with overclocking... now if only server boards weren't such crap for that.

Do you think Intel would launch a dual 755 board that would work with two sweet Q6600? What was that V8 thing they were going to counter AMD's 4x4 with? 771 or 775? And when?

RE: slow/expencive xeons
By Arctcuas on 5/16/2007 8:06:54 AM , Rating: 2
Last year I read somewhere about a Quad core 3GHz Xeon UP, X5240 or X5245 that was coming out. Anyone heard that also?

RE: slow/expencive xeons
By coldpower27 on 5/21/2007 4:50:40 AM , Rating: 2
You always pay a premium per processor on Dual Socket processor compared to the same clocked processor om the desktop. That's the norm, what Intel has done recently was quite rare.

$744 for each Dual Socket capable 2.66GHZ Clovertown compared to each $530 Uni Socket capable 2.66GHZ Kentsfield is not a extremely large premium.

Look at AMD's own line. Opteron 2222 SE Dual Socket is 873 USD compared to the Uni Socket Athlon 64x2 6000+ $241 USD.
Even using Quad FX pricing your still looking at a Athlon FX-74 for $399.5 USD.

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