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Phenom, to deliver a phenomenal computing experience

AMD today officially announced its new Phenom processor brand for its next-generation Barcelona architecture. The new Phenom branding will find its way on AMD’s next-generation Stars family of desktop processors. Phenom processors will coexist with AMD’s current Athlon 64 and Sempron processors; however, Athlon 64 processors cater towards entry-level while Sempron caters towards value consumers.

Last week, AMD demonstrated its Phenom processor in a Quad FX configuration for a total of eight-cores in a system. AMD has dubbed its next-generation Quad FX platform FASN8, or “fascinate.” The next-generation FASN8 platform forms around AMD’s upcoming RD790 chipset paired with dual Phenom FX processors. With a pair of AMD ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT’s in the FASN8 platform, the system is able to deliver over a teraflop of computing power in a single box.

“AMD has always enjoyed a great bond with the enthusiast community, and the introduction of the AMD Phenom processor family will take our relationship to new heights,” corporate vice president and general manager of AMD’s desktop division Bob Brewer said. “We continue to focus on listening to and addressing users’ evolving needs. AMD is confident the performance enhancements enabled by true quad-core client technology in computing-intensive environments will allow them to realize new possibilities and find new inspiration.”

Expect AMD to introduce its Phenom processors and accompanying RD790 platforms in time for the Christmas shopping season.

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RE: AMD is on fire
By HVAC on 5/14/2007 11:45:18 AM , Rating: -1

Why don't they just name it: "JazzDancer HyperExtreme Ultra Double Plus Good Processor."

Marketing droid nitwits.....

"But...but...but our studies show that 13 out of 17 people respond well to the Phenom brand....."

I am going to be personally embarrassed to have to admit I have a Phenom inside my computer.


RE: AMD is on fire
By incompleteunit on 5/14/2007 12:27:07 PM , Rating: 2
Athlon? Pentium? Wii? iPod?

I don't see how "Phenom" is any less silly than other brand names out there - it's new right now and feels weird on the tongue, but once we're used to it, it will be just one more in the crowd.

Besides, distinctly sillier names like Wii and iPod were predicted to be crippling to the products they were assigned to, and they've proven to be no obstacle to popularity.

RE: AMD is on fire
By deeznuts on 5/14/2007 1:07:53 PM , Rating: 2
I don't see how "Phenom" is any less silly than other brand names out there - it's new right now and feels weird on the tongue, but once we're used to it, it will be just one more in the crowd.

I personally think it's silly because of what Phenom means. The other names, you can take issue with how it sounds phonetically or whatever, but none of them mean "A phenomenon, especially a remarkable or outstanding person"

That's like a Mom calling an ugly daughter beautiful (not saying the Processor will suck, nobody knows yet). It's a synonym for "AMD Super #1 Processor in the World"

And any NFL Draftniks in here? Are we gonna start calling it Phe (pronounced Fee)? Sorry just went through the NFL draft and that's Amobi Okoye's nickname (19 year old).

RE: AMD is on fire
By Fubar0606 on 5/31/2007 9:09:13 AM , Rating: 2
well I believe they will be a phenomenon, a Quad core that does not have the name Intel on them, and is a true quad core and not just 2 dual cores spooshed togther..

RE: AMD is on fire
By encryptkeeper on 5/14/2007 1:03:30 PM , Rating: 3

Why are you speaking in slow broken sentences?

"We’re Apple. We don’t wear suits. We don’t even own suits." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs

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