Vonage might be able to keep itself in the game with a possible way around Verizon's patents

Vonage Holding Corp. said it may have a way to get around Verizon's patents.  The VoIP company said that it may have technology that will allow the company to continue offering its services.  The workaround technology is necessary to allow customers to call standard telephones.

"We will begin rolling these workarounds out shortly, hopefully in the next few weeks, and we believe they will work,'' Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Citron said on a conference call today, reported Bloomberg.

The necessity for the new technology comes after Vonage was found by the jury for infringing on Verizon's patents for VoIP to standard telephone calling technology.  Vonage was cut a break with a permanent stay of injunction granted in April, allowing the company to sign up new customers.  

According to Citron, the new Vonage technology for standard phone calling can be installed through software downloads and should not be high cost for deployment. 

Vonage filed a written argument yesterday with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Court of Washington.  Vonage is claiming that the judge's interpretation of Verizon's patents and the jury's verdict are invalid and should be thrown out. Verizon's reply to the written argument is due May 23, and the appeal will be argued before a three-judge panel on June 25.

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