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Radeon HD 2900 XTX: It's alive, but barely

Believe it or not, the Radeon HD 2900 XTX has once again reared its head -- this time on a per-vendor basis.

AMD originally scrapped all 1GB variants of Radeon HD 2900, according to ATI partners familiar with the Radeon roadmap.  The verbal announcement that there would be no 1GB cards came the same week DailyTech declared the XTX variant "doomed."

However, at Computex 2007 at least one vendor demonstrated a 1GB GDDR3 Radeon HD 2900, with plans for a GDDR4 version on the way. 

The 1GB cards will be labeled as "professional" Radeon HDs, though not under the FireGL  moniker.  These new cards will not carry the XTX moniker, though everything else about them is identical to the original ATI XTX roadmaps.

1GB Radeon 2900s will carry a premium of at least $200 at launch for the GDDR3 versions. No price is set on the GDDR4 variants.  In addition to the extra memory, the professional cards will also receive a small core clock increase and what we're told as "an unlocked professional feature set."

It's been long confirmed that NVIDIA Quadro and ATI FireGL extensions are present in non-professional GPUs.  Expect a mid-June launch for these renegade card manufacturers.

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By Treckin on 6/14/2007 1:32:51 AM , Rating: 2
just to let you know, there are no differences between the xt and the xtx besides memory and clocks, so essentially this is an xtx. They are going with the 'professional' i should think because they are going to release the xtx at some point, likely with the vid-decode hardware and on a smaller shrink.

I hope people understand that the technology in the 2000 series had NOTHING to do with AMD? that silicon revision was in the pipe WAY before the merger, and likely the next iteration has been tainted as well. I would expect to see a 65nm 2900 series soon, as the AMD changes take affect. Realize please that corporate restructures take at least a year to pass on affected products to the consumer.

If they could price the xtx head to head with the 640 MB 8800, I think it could smoke it. Pure speculation, but yeah

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