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Ubuntu will officially be the first Linux distribution offered by Dell

Once Dell confirmed that it would offer the Linux operating system on select PCs in the future, Linux enthusiasts anxiously awaited the announcement of which Linux distributions would be offered.  Dell today announced that it would preinstall the Ubuntu operating system on some PC and notebook models.  

Canoncial, the lead sponsor behind the Ubuntu project, has started working on the operating system to ensure that it will properly work on Dell PCs and notebooks.  "Dell are going to work with us to make sure Ubuntu works fully on its hardware," said Chris Keynon, director of business development for Ubuntu.

Along with appealing to popular demand, the computer company will likely save money by stripping out the cost of purchasing the operating system license from Microsoft.  It appears that OS support would be provided by the open source and Linux communities, while Dell would exclusively provide hardware support.

Michael Dell previously disclosed that he has Ubuntu installed on his personal laptop.

Dell has not announced models, configurations or prices of PCs and notebooks that will feature Ubuntu.  Dell also did not eliminate the possibility of other Linux distributions being installed on future product lines.

Linux fans hope that Dell embracing Linux will begin a shift in which more PC vendors will switch to open source technology.

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RE: I told you so.
By cochy on 5/2/2007 4:23:17 AM , Rating: 2
It's a good choice. Ubuntu is working hard to make their distro the distro of choice for regular home use. I just installed it on my mother's Dell as she was complained that Windows was slowing down. All she does is surf the web and use office, so I figured to let her try Ubuntu. She loves it. You don't even need an anti virus with Linux. Its role based access control offers much better security than Windows, although Vista is taking a page from Unix in that regard now.
Ubuntu could use a firewall like Suse.

RE: I told you so.
By danskmacabre on 5/2/2007 5:11:28 AM , Rating: 2
I have a firewall on my gateway (adsl router), it works fine, so have no Firewall in ubuntu.

For the uses you specified on your post, Ubuntu is perfect.
It updates itself and everything (prompts for an update when they are available), including your installed programs.

Most spyware viruses etc is for Windows (and mac) anyway, I guess that sort of thing DOES exist for Linux, but I bet it is VERY rare.

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