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Even though the price of the OLPC has risen to $175, it is still cheaper than alternative projects

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) group recently announced that its low-cost laptop would be raised from $100 up to $175, but the group is still confident that enough orders will be placed for the group to begin mass production before September.  The goal behind the project is planning to offer inexpensive notebook computers to school children in developing nations.

Even with an increased price tag of $175, the notebooks are still much cheaper than what the computer industry has traditionally offered.  OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte previously stated the price of the notebooks could drop almost 25 percent per year.

A number of factors have caused the increase in the laptop, including design costs and a raise in price of nickel.

"We are perhaps at the most critical stage of OLPC's life," said Negroponte.

Using a modified version of Red hat Linux, the Quanta Computer-built laptop offers users an interface that has pictographic icons instead of traditional windows and folders.

OLPC reportedly already has 2.5 million unit orders, but has to reach the 3 million order mark before May 30, or the group's hardware suppliers will not have enough time to get parts ready, according to Negroponte.

OLPC officials said on Thursday that it may offer laptops to U.S. schools, even though the group previously said that the laptops would be for foreign children only.

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By xspsi on 4/29/2007 9:32:23 PM , Rating: 2
The specs of this laptop should be on the lines of this:

-333-400mhz cpu (the one chosen isn't bad or they could go with the mobile processors in the PocketPC/Smartphones such as the TI omap or the Intel Xscale processors. Those processors would more efficient and they could make smaller batteries which in turn will make the computer cheaper.) If they are going with a slower processor they could add a video co-processor like the one in the Dell Axim 51v's which will help to accelerate Video and graphics.
-512-1024mb of embedded ROM which will be used to store the OS and any apps although you will probably not have that much left space for a lot of apps. It could be shared Ram/Rom like PPC's so they wouldn't have to spend much money on having additional Ram.
-Compact flash expansion slot. One of the cheapest per MB expansion cards out there. It can even come with a 1 gig CF card for space for apps, pics, docs...etc. I found one for $15 retail.
-800x600 LCD screen. That's all you need. The users are not going to be doing can CAD or Graphics Design on this system.
-Camera should be an attachment....not standard to keep costs down.
-Also if they were trying to cut costs would be to not include a battery but have a port/slot for one.

I'm sure with specs like this and a professional looking case not the Fisher Price my first Calculator look. they can keep in within the original price range and this thing would sell like hot cakes.

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