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Even though the price of the OLPC has risen to $175, it is still cheaper than alternative projects

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) group recently announced that its low-cost laptop would be raised from $100 up to $175, but the group is still confident that enough orders will be placed for the group to begin mass production before September.  The goal behind the project is planning to offer inexpensive notebook computers to school children in developing nations.

Even with an increased price tag of $175, the notebooks are still much cheaper than what the computer industry has traditionally offered.  OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte previously stated the price of the notebooks could drop almost 25 percent per year.

A number of factors have caused the increase in the laptop, including design costs and a raise in price of nickel.

"We are perhaps at the most critical stage of OLPC's life," said Negroponte.

Using a modified version of Red hat Linux, the Quanta Computer-built laptop offers users an interface that has pictographic icons instead of traditional windows and folders.

OLPC reportedly already has 2.5 million unit orders, but has to reach the 3 million order mark before May 30, or the group's hardware suppliers will not have enough time to get parts ready, according to Negroponte.

OLPC officials said on Thursday that it may offer laptops to U.S. schools, even though the group previously said that the laptops would be for foreign children only.

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RE: 175$ becomes the price
By creathir on 4/29/2007 3:17:19 PM , Rating: 5
What does is matter that we spend $100 billion in gambling? So we gamble. Your point? We can spend our money how we like to. We are not REQUIRED to be the world's charity.
The fact that we give more than any other nation on the planet is a testament to how big our hearts are, yet it is just not enough, is it? What would be enough for you? 25% of our GDP? 50%? 75%? What do you want exactly? Why not talk about the utter WASTE in the rest of the world? This really aggravates me when we are chastised for giving, giving, and giving, yet it is never enough.
Why don't you step up if you are so concerned about it, instead of berating us. You certainly have managed to find a way to post on the Internet, a luxury in many societies. You could have spent the money on that computer of yours by donating to a charity.

The point is, it is your money. You spend it like you want to. It is the gambler's money. He spends it as he wants to. It also, is the philanthropists money, and they spend it like they want to.

Stop whining.

- Creathir

RE: 175$ becomes the price
By Oobu on 4/29/2007 5:14:01 PM , Rating: 2
Well said, thank you.

RE: 175$ becomes the price
By nah on 4/30/2007 4:29:36 AM , Rating: 2
I do spend money on charity--as a rule of thumb--10 % of my income is spent on charity--and, yes, i have donated the last five computers that i have possessed to charity--

It's not a question of whining but about making a point--as an economist i understand the basics of aid--aid has been described by critics like Susan George as a 60 bn jetsetting industry. In her words too--never before have so many suffered for the works of so few--a quote which she used to decry the tremendous amount of waste in the aid industry--if 75 % of money which is given in aid is gone to the donor country, i fail to see how aid can be relevant--this is why organisations like the grameen bank have won the Nobel--the greatest aid to poverty has come rom the Third World itself--in the form of micro-credit

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