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Lenovo T61 -- images courtesy Notebook Review

Lenovo R61
Lenovo rolls out the ThinkPad T61 and R61

The Santa Rosa leaks are still flowing with the latest offense being made by Lenovo. Fujitsu leaked three Santa Rosa notebooks last week and today is Lenovo's turn with the new ThinkPad T61 and R61.

Both systems are based around Intel's Core 2 Duo processors (T7100, T7300, T7500, and T7700) and used the Intel GM/PM965 chipset. 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista are offered as is Windows XP Professional. Intel's new Wireless Wi-Fi Link 4965AGN and the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 IGP will be available for systems without discrete graphics.

Both laptops will be available with 14.1" displays (WXGA, WXGA+), Intel Turbo Card (previously known as Robson) for increased system performance, full hard disk encryption, SmartCard support and discrete NVIDIA graphics.

The ThinkPad T61 and R61 will both be available in May 2007. WWAN models of the T61 will first become available in June while The R61 will be available with a Blu-ray DVD burner beginning in July.

Also of note with the new notebooks is that Lenovo has finally removed the "IBM" branding from the palm rests. The IBM branding has been a leftover vestigial since Lenovo purchased the company’s PC division in 2005 for more than $1 billion USD.

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By halcyon on 4/25/2007 1:26:10 AM , Rating: 5
Lenovo (ex-IBM) black laptops sell, because:

- corporations are conservative (and not style slaves)
- they stick to what WORKS (not what looks like the latest fashion colours)
- travelling businessmen actually prefer a laptop that is sturdy and can take a beating (ever wonder why IBM/Lenovo always comes on top in these comparisons?)
- Black is neutral, utilitarian in the context of use of hordes of businessmen, engineers & consultants
- The actual functional DESIGN of those laptops is very good and has several nifty features (what people call 'design' is 99% of the time surface styling, nothing more)

So, why not keep it the way they are.

It works.

If you want a pink bamboo covered mini-notebook with crystals on the surface, go buy a limited edition Acer or whatnot. But don't expect it to last or be as good to type & use as a Thinkpad.

"I modded down, down, down, and the flames went higher." -- Sven Olsen

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