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Dell's Dimension E521 along with a few other models bring back Windows XP
Dell will once again offer XP on home PC and notebook models

Dell will again offer the Windows XP operating system due to high customer demand on the company's community feedback forum, IdeaStorm.  Dell, like most major PC manufacturers stopped selling Windows XP licenses with its PCs after the launch of Windows Vista.

By the end of March 2007, Dell only offered two computer models that home users could order with XP preinstalled rather than Vista -- many business PCs and notebooks still came with XP as an option.

Dell's IdeaStorm web site launched as a platform for consumers to be able to tell Dell what they want to see from the company in the future.  More than 11,000 votes flooded in demanding that Dell offer XP on home products again.

"We heard you loud and clear on bringing the Windows XP option back to our Dell consumer PC offerings," the company blogged on IdeaStorm.

Customers can now choose between XP Home or Professional on six models -- Dell Inspiron 1405, 1705, 1505, 1501; Dell Dimensions E520 and Dell E521.

Dell's IdeaStorm is also responsible for Dell's stance to bring Linux to its PCs and notebooks.

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XP Must be kept alive
By paulpod on 4/24/2007 3:06:31 PM , Rating: 2
I can build my own stuff but MS and the OEMs must keep XP alive for those that can't.

There are applications and usage models that Vista will simply never support.

I record and manipulate a large number of very big HD recording files. The XP explorer app allows for fast and simple selection and movement of files. The bloated version in Vista does not work at all because it is optimized for a completely different user.

On my hardware, copying files from an XP folder share to Vista does not work. It gets 5MB/s where booting XP on the same hardware gets 35MB/s. Copying from an XP system to Vista share also gets 35MB/s. I've seen several forum discussions on this bug and tried all workarounds to no avail. Since this is on ancient, NForce4 hardware there is no chance of a fix.

Bottom line is that in key areas, Vista is a totally different OS than XP. There are also areas where it is far inferior. Back in the old days I would have accused it of being a "Russian Plot" to destroy western productivity. Instead, it is really just the most misguided marketing driven product change since New Coke.

Here is the approach that Vista SHOULD have taken: Assume users have written out exact instructions, click by click, for all management operations. Vista MUST work if those same instructions are followed.

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