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Dell's Dimension E521 along with a few other models bring back Windows XP
Dell will once again offer XP on home PC and notebook models

Dell will again offer the Windows XP operating system due to high customer demand on the company's community feedback forum, IdeaStorm.  Dell, like most major PC manufacturers stopped selling Windows XP licenses with its PCs after the launch of Windows Vista.

By the end of March 2007, Dell only offered two computer models that home users could order with XP preinstalled rather than Vista -- many business PCs and notebooks still came with XP as an option.

Dell's IdeaStorm web site launched as a platform for consumers to be able to tell Dell what they want to see from the company in the future.  More than 11,000 votes flooded in demanding that Dell offer XP on home products again.

"We heard you loud and clear on bringing the Windows XP option back to our Dell consumer PC offerings," the company blogged on IdeaStorm.

Customers can now choose between XP Home or Professional on six models -- Dell Inspiron 1405, 1705, 1505, 1501; Dell Dimensions E520 and Dell E521.

Dell's IdeaStorm is also responsible for Dell's stance to bring Linux to its PCs and notebooks.

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RE: Serves MS right
By overzealot on 4/24/2007 3:00:06 AM , Rating: 2
For someone upset about misinformation about vista, you REALLY ought to get your facts straight about XP64. I've been running it non-stop for the last year, so I'll do the honour of correcting some of YOUR misinformation.
Max memory Windows XP x64 is can reference 128 GB (same as vista 64bit), last I checked most people don't buy 32gb memory sticks so this isn't much of a problem. (check wikipedia if you don't beleive me)
Stability? As good if not better than XP. Explorer in particular crashes less for me.
Clunky? Give me a break. HDD access is faster, VM access is a little slower. Considering that the usual reason for running it is being able to address more RAM, I think VM clunkyness isn't much of a problem.
It boots up faster, and the few x64 apps available do have noticable performance increase.
It costs the same as xp oem, and doesn't have Windows Genuine Advantage.

I do understand the downsides, lack of 16-bit support, programs taking up a little more memory, but it hasn't been clunky or unstable since the beta.

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