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Jack Thompson believes violent video games made Cho Seung-Hui cause absolute carnage on the Virginia Tech campus on Monday

The tragedy that occurred at Virginia Tech on Monday is one that many of us will remember for a long time.  Cho Seung-Hui, 23-year-old V.T. English major, took more than 30 lives before turning the gun on himself.  While the nation is still feeling the aftershock from the worst school shooting in U.S. history, some people are already beginning to exploit the tragedy for their own benefit.  

It is no secret that video games seems to have become a popular scape goat for everything that is wrong in America's youth today -- the incident at Virginia Tech is already having a negative backlash towards video games. In fact, Jack Thompson, well known for his anti-video game stance, went on Fox News to argue that violent video games had something to do with the shooter at V.T.

Even if you are against young people playing violent video games, it is most likely hard to defend Jack Thompson in this situation.  Instead of showing remorse and grief, much like the rest of the nation, Thompson decided to selfishly attempt to use the tragedy to rally Americans against violent video games.

More video game critics are coming out of the woodwork after Thompson made his statements on Monday.  It appears that Dr. Phil McGraw also believes video games desensitize and cause gamers to commit violent crimes.

This is certainly not the last we have heard of the anti-video game people.  If you want to hear what Thompson said, click here (YouTube video).

Our thoughts go out to everyone in the Virginia Tech/Blacksburg community.

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RE: Something to consider.
By novacthall on 4/19/2007 8:39:41 AM , Rating: 3
A very interesting post, zombiexl.

I've debated this point with countless individuals ad nauseam. The fact of the matter is that, ultimately, a stable mind is more than capable of handling the apparent rigors of playing a violent video game, watching a violent movie, or reading a violent book. Giving a disturbing video game to a troubled child is akin to giving a budding white supremacist his own very copy of "Mein Kampf". If the mind is willing to accept an idea, ideal, or concept, the content absorbed will invariably affect the individual deeply.

The vast majority of us qualify as "stable minds". I speak from experience that violent video games have had no effect on me (I directly attribute my inherently good aim with a firearm to the fact that I am male, and consequently practice my aim several times a day, water consumption permitting). When I was young, and had difficulty separating fantasy from reality, as many young boys, my parents restricted my access to games that would otherwise have a negative effect on me. My parents had the money, and therefore had the power to control very closely what I played. My parents (seeing a trend, yet?)made it clear to me that while some of my friends might have had certain games, I was not to play them and they told me why. They turned the whole thing into a learning experience, and I believe I'm better for it.

I realize that every child is different, but I think your second and fourth points are dead on the money. Multiple times, I was accused (and that really is the best word for it) of being attention deficit by teachers who simply could not be bothered to deal with an active young male. In every test, the accusation was dropped because I was able to read an engaging book or play an engaging video game for eight hours on end. Similarly, if challenged, there was no end to my focus in the classroom. Years ago, they had a different name for ADD and ADHD: they called it "BOYHOOD". That said, I have met some truly hyperactive children, but the population nowhere near the epidemic proportions that the public education system seems to believe.

I truly believe that the systematic drugging of our young males is having a detrimental effect on society as a whole. You're finding that less males are finding their way to higher education. Less males are taking on leadership roles. Sloth and complacency seem to be more commonplace than they were ten or twenty years ago. It may be a simple correlation and I understand that correlation does not indicate causality, but it correlates nonetheless.

RE: Something to consider.
By zombiexl on 4/19/2007 9:32:56 AM , Rating: 2
A very interesting post, zombiexl.

Thanks, I honestly thought i'd get rated down.

Multiple times, I was accused (and that really is the best word for it) of being attention deficit by teachers who simply could not be bothered to deal with an active young male.

I'm pretty sure schools get additional state and federal funding based on the numbe of ADD & ADHD kids attending.

Back when i was younger the medicine for acting up was discipline. Not Oh Johnny if you keep doing that I'm going to send you to your room (with your plasma, 360, ps3, cellphone, computer, etc).

One reason I have a room in my house dedicated to toys and games for my kids is so they dont have that stuff in their bedroom's. But then again I also discipline my children and take an interest in what they are doing, or want to do. I also will smack their rear ends when needed. To satisy the extreme "dont beat your kids" crowd i'll mention that I also discuss with them what they did, why they are in trouble and why they did what they did.

If anything is to blame its the overly passive attitude of today's parents and society in general. Although I dont think anyone but the gunman is to balme in this case.

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