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Intel prepares to take on AMD's Quad FX

Intel hinted at the possibilities of a high-end gaming system based around its Xeon workstation processors earlier this year at CES 2007. The Intel V8 system featured two Xeon Clovertown processors clocked at 2.4 GHz and a single GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card. Although it was a proof of concept to counter AMD’s Quad FX enthusiast platform at the time, Intel has announced the V8 concept will become a reality at its Spring Intel Developer Forum in Beijing, China.

Intel has named its new enthusiast platform Skulltrail. Intel has remained very tight-lipped about its Skulltrail platform except a few basic features. Skulltrail will arrive later this year and accommodate two Core micro architecturequad-core processors. It is unknown if Intel will develop a new platform to accommodate dual LGA775 socket processors or rework its LGA771 socket Xeon workstation platform to accommodate unbuffered DDR2 memory. Intel’s Xeon workstation platform only accepts FB-DIMM memory.

On the graphics processing side of things, Skulltrail will sport four PCIe slots for graphics expansion. Intel doesn’t divulge details on which multi-GPU graphics technology Skulltrail takes advantage of, however, Intel’s current 975X Express supports AMD’s CrossFire technology.

Intel has not released any details on the chipset powering Skulltrail yet. Nevertheless, Intel expects to unveil its next-generation single processor enthusiast chipset, X38 Express, later this year.

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More Glue-Blobs from InHell !
By cornfedone on 4/17/2007 8:57:20 AM , Rating: -1
You can tell Intell is InHELL when they have to Glue-Blob chips on a silicon slab to try and compete with AMD. I'm sure some of the gullible fanboys will buy this crap and that's why InHell's hype machine keeps peddling B.S. to the media. When the smokes settles, honest reviewers will admit InHell is mostly just smoke and mirrors with little substance.

RE: More Glue-Blobs from InHell !
By suryad on 4/17/2007 9:48:44 AM , Rating: 3
You sound more like a fanboy yourself....but giving the benefit of the doubt...if Intel is putting out processors with glue blobs and they keep beating the AMDs, sounds like they are using one heck of a glue blob!

By retrospooty on 4/17/2007 10:31:59 AM , Rating: 5
"but giving (cornfedone) the benefit of the doubt"

You must be relatively new here, that is far more then he deserves ;). Cornfedone is best described as an fanboytrollcreepchild. he pretty much is here to bash anything and everything Intel and MS do without much forethought or reason.

RE: More Glue-Blobs from InHell !
By JamRockaz on 4/17/2007 1:56:59 PM , Rating: 2
Aahahahaahah, nice one, that should shut them up

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