Toshiba has picked a timeline for the release of its new panels

Toshiba Corp. revealed that it will release an organic EL (electroluminescence) television product in 2009.   Toshiba president and CEO Atsutoshi Nishida made the announcement at a management policy meeting held last week.

Toshiba's plans for the new display include the production of a 30-inch model after announcing the prototype for the 21-inch model on April 9.  Nishida stated that the development for the organic EL display will stay above in size what Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Co., Ltd. has already developed.

"To prepare both the high-end and commodity models, we are currently developing panels made from polymer [organic EL] materials as well as low molecular weight materials," said Nishida.

As for expectations in the display market, Nishida seems to show no signs of worry.  "We don't expect that the organic EL can compete from the beginning on the equal footing with the LCD TV, which is released from many manufacturers across the world, but we believe its superiority will be recognized as production volume rises."

Toshiba has yet to announce when the construction and operation of the organic EL display plant will start or the value of total investments.  Toshiba's PR department has stated that the company is expecting TMD to manufacture the organic EL panels.

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