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Core Duo and Pentium D owners can now enjoy conferencing with up to 10 people

This is even more reason to buy an Intel Core Duo or Pentium D processor, right? Intel claims that versions of Skype 2.0 and higher will be able to support conference calls with up to 10 people only if you are using an Intel dual-core processor.

This feature takes advantage of multi-tasking capabilities using Intel's revolutionary new dual-core technology. Without impacting performance, you can make calls while simultaneously running programs such as email, word processing, multimedia applications, virus scan and more.

EETimes reports that even more Intel-specific optimizations are on the way:

The two companies are planning additional feature extensions and optimization of Skype for Intel’s dual-core processors, Skype said. Later this year, Skype will release video calling optimized for Intel dual-core technology, the company added.

So should AMD dual-core owners feel left out? Probably not. It's doubtful that many would be using Skype to conference with 10 anyway. And even if you would pursue the feature, I'm sure that there will be some hack/crack to enable the feature in the near future...

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By Lifted on 2/8/2006 1:06:19 PM , Rating: 3
This being the first time I've actually seen the skype interface, I'm wondering what makes it it any different than MSN Messenger or something similar. With Messenger I can have crystal clear full screen video converstations, or audio only if the other person doesn't have a webcam. Does skype sound that much better? I still wouldn't give up the video just for better audio quality anyway, since I already prefer the Messenger audio quality to speaking over a cell phone.

RE: so
By instagibmo on 2/8/2006 2:31:03 PM , Rating: 2
I would assume so. I've never used MSN for voice, but Google Talk, Ventrilo, Team Speak, Xfire, and in-game VOIP don't even come close. Vonage it the only one I've hear that compares but it not free.

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