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A Windows Vista Capable logo in the wild
Lawsuit may have forced Microsoft to change what it means to be Vista Capable

Two weeks ago, Dianne Kelley started a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft alleging the software company is engaging in deceptive practices by branding new computers with a Windows Vista Capable logo even if they couldn't run the all the new operating system’s features.

Although Microsoft strongly refutes Kelley’s claims, the threat of a lawsuit may have triggered the company to change its language on what “Vista Capable” means. As clipped by a blog at the Seattle Times, Microsoft originally described its Windows Vista Capable program as the following (all bold emphasis added by Seattle Times author):

“Through the Windows Vista Capable program, Windows XP-based PCs that are powerful enough to run Windows Vista are now available from leading PC manufacturers worldwide, including Acer Inc., Dell Inc., Fujitsu Limited, Gateway Inc., HP, Lenovo, NEC Corp., Sony Corp., Toshiba and more. The Windows Vista Capable logo is designed to assure customers that the PCs they buy today will be ready for an upgrade to Windows Vista and can run the core experiences of Windows Vista.

Shortly following the news of the lawsuit, the explanation of the Windows Vista Capable program appeared to have changed to this:

“A new PC running Windows XP that carries the Windows Vista Capable PC logo can run Windows Vista. All editions of Windows Vista will deliver core experiences such as innovations in organizing and finding information, security, and reliability. All Windows Vista Capable PCs will run these core experiences at a minimum. Some features available in the premium editions of Windows Vista — like the new Windows Aero user experience — may require advanced or additional hardware.”

While both the original and updated descriptions mention that Vista Capable means being able to run the “core experience,” the updated passage clearly states those experiences will run at a minimum.

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OMG Not the consumer??
By staypuff69 on 4/11/2007 5:42:02 AM , Rating: 2
Here we go again blaming the corporate world for assuming everyone is even remotely intelligent...

The days of holding other people accountable for our own lack of knowledge should have been over decades ago.... instead we promote the abilities of a customer to say "well I didn't know" and sue anyone if they were too lazy to "shop around"...

This woman should be sued for gross indecency to the human mind... since when did we forget the human language and promote stupidity as the status quo.... capable to me means can do but mediocre at best... Ready means lets go cause it's just waiting for me to use it....

Sure the 18 year old wannabe sales guru that sold it to her should be partly to blame (providing he didn't tell her anyway that it wouldn't run full out)... but honestly when does this BS stop...


There needs to be a law that states frivilous lawsuits can be counter sued for utter stupidity.... and the lawyer is included in this lawsuit... you would see way less crap brought into the courts when someone sues others for their own stupidity....

And no MS is not liable for attempting to properly label their product... She's stupid and got caught at it... no lawsuit needed... bring the computer back and pay $400 more for what you really want like 99.9999 % of the rest of the world....

I'm mad now... this woman has wasted 3 hours of my time in all the articles i've read about her stupidity...... I charge $125 / hour... along with pain and suffering she owes me $3 million..... I really hope she wins... It's easier to collect from a rich idiot than a poor smart person...

"You can bet that Sony built a long-term business plan about being successful in Japan and that business plan is crumbling." -- Peter Moore, 24 hours before his Microsoft resignation
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