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Chart of one week top ten and since-inception top ten HD DVD and Blu-ray

Information on the top 25 Blu-ray and HD DVD sold in 2007

Movie studios compared across the formats as of the week ending March 18

A comparison of HD DVD and Blu-ray over both formats' lifetime - All figures provided by SPHE
Latest sales figures show Blu-ray Disc outselling HD DVD seven to three

Sony, a clear backer of the Blu-ray Disc, has released a special report on the next-generation format’s current lead over HD DVD. Although the source of the report leads to immediately brings up the issue of obvious bias, the numbers cited come from reputable retail point-of-sake statistics source Nielsen VideoScan.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment was likely spurred to release the report based on the success of Casino Royale on Blu-ray Disc. The latest Bond flick debuted at the top of the next-gen format sales charts with 28,233 units, making it the fastest selling high-def disc to date. The release of Casino Royale also boosted Blu-ray sales 74.4 percent for the week ending March 18 as compared to the previous week. In comparison, HD DVD sales fell 14.1 percent compared to the week before that.

Blu-ray’s strong sales since the beginning of 2007 have given it a 7 to 3 sales ratio versus HD DVD. Year to date sales of Blu-ray are 549,730 units and for HD DVD 249,451 units.

Blu-ray’s lead isn’t as strong, however, when looking at cumulative sales since each format’s inception. Total sales for Blu-ray Disc are around 844,000 and for HD DVD an approximate total of 708,600 units. Blu-ray surpassed HD DVD in total units sold during mid-February.

In terms of movies, seven out of the top 10 best selling high-def movies of all time are Blu-ray titles. For the week ending March 18, nine out of 10 were Blu-ray titles. The only HD DVD to crack that week’s is The Departed in fifth place, while the Blu-ray version held second place.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment also broke down the high-def format unit market share. For Blu-ray, Sony leads with 32.2 percent, followed by Warner at 19 percent and Fox at 13.7 percent. For HD DVD, Warner accounts for 47.3 percent, followed by Universal with 38.3 percent and Paramount at 12.1 percent.

Although Nielsen VideoScan statistics are generally indicative of market trends, they do not include Wal-Mart and some online merchants. Sony’s choice to publish its findings after analyzing the latest numbers is a clear indication of the confidence that Blu-ray Disc has in winning the format war. Still, Blu-ray only took the lead from HD DVD in 2007, which HD DVD supporters blame on their format’s relatively sluggish recent months. With high-definition movie sales figures being insignificant when compared to the numbers that DVD sells, both HD DVD and Blu-ray have a ways to go before either one can truly be declared a winner.

For Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's full report, download the PDF document here courtesy of Digital Bits.

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RE: Omissions
By masher2 on 4/10/2007 2:45:47 PM , Rating: 2
Well they also fail to mention that BD has lost ground to HD-DVD in recent was at one point selling nearly 3-1. The March data is (by this article) down to 7:3, and the April data looks like its going to come in at about 7:5.

And, given the tagline and first three paragraphs are all pro-BD, I think we can dismiss any possibility of calling the article biased in favor on HD-DVD.

RE: Omissions
By deeznuts on 4/10/2007 3:31:49 PM , Rating: 2
Well considering the article is about a press release pro-BD, the article can't help itself to be anything but pro-BD talking about the release lol.

But adding your own defenses, on one side, does show a bit of a skew. Doesn't it? Why not talk about the press, which is Pro-bd, then add arguments from both camps to present a fair and balanced article?

Lol, I don't even know if Marcus is biased or not, and don't care. Just pointing out the minor omissions.

Where are the numbers for april that you are talking about anyway? I'm interested to see them.

The 7:3 ratio was YTD, the weekly sales ending Mar 18 (when the report was prepared apparently) showed a 9:2 advantage. That 3-1 ratio you quoted must be takin into context to, was that YTD, weekly rate, monthly rate, etc.

RE: Omissions
By masher2 on 4/10/2007 4:28:30 PM , Rating: 2
> "That 3-1 ratio you quoted must be takin into context to, was that YTD, weekly rate, monthly rate, etc"

Monthly. BD was being outsold until shortly after Christmas, then started climbing up sharply, peaking a bit below 3-1. Then its started back down, winding up today, at about 7:5. This is according to the DVD Empire tracking chart which is admittedly a smaller sample than the Nielsen figures...but its tracked very closely with them so far.

So in other words, the sales figures have done pretty much exactly what everyone thought they would, all the way back a year ago. Everyone knew BD would see a huge boost from the PS3. The only issue is whether or not that boost is permanent or temporary. On that the jury is still out.

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