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Sood, right, working with the HP team on the Misto touch interface
Six months after HP absorbed the boutique vendor Voodoo PC, the company sheds some light on its eventual plans

Late last week Hewlett-Packard showcased the fruits of its Voodoo PC acquisition and the HP Labs development team. 

"It became clear that there has been work going on even prior to the Voodoo acquisition and now the wheels are spinning freely, and things are anything but status quo," said HP Global Gaming Chief Technology Officer and DailyTech Blogger Rahul Sood.

Much of HP's showcase included technology derived from HP Labs projects.  HP's Misto project, for example, integrates a 50" touch screen into a coffee table.  The interface is designed as a proof-of-concept for gamers, but Sood isn't discounting its usefulness for other applications.

"Well, we have been exploring all types of technologies which pertain to gaming, including handheld, display, interface, and many others.  We have enough intellectual property within HP to wallpaper the building," states Sood.  "These research scientists within HP Labs are absolute geniuses, they have some interesting projects yet to be unveiled.  The interesting thing is many of the projects they are working on are not specific to gaming - we have recognized these areas and the creative juices are flowing."

Voodoo PC built its niche on the no-expense-spared ultra enthusiasts.  Although HP is a bit more grounded when it comes to catering to the masses, Voodoo's influence in HP Labs is more than apparent.  In particular, HP demonstrated its nine-projector interface capable of displaying images bright enough to see outside in full daylight.  HP's interlacing technology has shown up on other projector based projects; at the Consumer Electronics Show last January the company demonstrated its immersive driving simulator using multiple projectors interlaced together.

However, six months after HP's acquisition of Voodoo, the company still has not shipped an official HP-Voodoo collaborated PC yet.  HP continues to build Voodoo's boutique PCs, mid-range PCs under the Hewlett-Packard brand and entry level products under the Compaq brand. The company still lacks a direct competitor to Dell's XPS line. 

"We recognized that there is a gap between HP and Voodoo – and we believe this gap is significant enough that we need to jump into the sandbox and draw the line. We never said anything about creating a fourth brand but there is indeed speculation."

Sood closes, "As I said at the event in San Francisco, our funnel is full of ideas; you’ll see some new stuff as early as this year."

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wow chill out rocket scientists
By staypuff69 on 4/11/2007 4:11:47 AM , Rating: 4
Man I've never seen the word moron used so much by people that know so little in my life.....

1. Voodoo PC has beat every other "boutique PC" out on the market now.... as mentioned Falcon Northwest is the only one to come close and it's much more expensive.... as for the intelligent person that says Alienware beats Voodoo PC for performance is smoking something illegal.... any idiot can say "my epenis is bigger than yours"

2. an Acura NSX when it came out beat a Ferrari hands down in everyway in performance.... what car would you pay triple for... many would go for the Ferrari if they could afford it....

3. The Voodoo PC's are extremely well made and use the top of the line products that "you specify" when you purchase one... Mr. I can build a pc just as well is full of shit.... Any "moron" damn don't you love that word can overclock a computer.... but only very intelligent people can overclock hardware to it's limits and have it run stable for a long period of time (AND WITH A GOOD WARRANTY AT THAT).... don't try to impress me with "i overclocked my Celeron to da max man so i know what i'm doing" BS....

4. Yes their PC's are overpriced... no one in the world EVER said they're not.... what the hell does that have to do with it.... Alienware has better performance?? no it doesn't and NEVER has.... Voodoo PC doesn't make their own parts..... HEY STOOOPID NEITHER DOES ALIENWARE OR FALCON NORTHWEST OR VELOCITY.... nuff said on that previously insane remark.... take a look at any previous benchmarking of Voodoo PC's... they are the ONLY one that performed every benchmark without crashing even though "Alienware" and others have... some other builder's machines couldn't even post with some benchmarks....

The question I would honestly ask and I'd answer myself is if you had lots of cash to spend WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SO DOING BUILDING YOUR OWN PIECE OF CRAP... when you could actually purchase a PC work of art.... ask and Ferrari owner or Jaguar owner or Porsche owner and ask if they regret spending thousands of $'s more for equal performance from other cars.... I also challenge all the rocket scientists that keep calling people morons to come up with any proof at all to back what they've said... Let's get Mr. I can build my own better to go up against the people at Voodoo PC and then vote on the better one.... won't happen cause trolls can't build PC's...

Have a nice day...

By cheetah2k on 4/11/2007 5:32:11 AM , Rating: 2
Let's get Mr. I can build my own better to go up against the people at Voodoo PC and then vote on the better one.... won't happen cause trolls can't build PC's...

They might not build a PC, but after you buy it, they'll be waiting under a bridge for you and steal it!

By garethcoker on 4/11/2007 8:18:20 AM , Rating: 2
That's what I've been trying to say - except you've put it much more concisely!

"When an individual makes a copy of a song for himself, I suppose we can say he stole a song." -- Sony BMG attorney Jennifer Pariser
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