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NVIDIA's next-generation mid-range offerings are just 10 days away

Earlier this week review publications received their test kits for the GeForce 8300 through 8600. The bulk of these cards, the GeForce 8500 GT, GeForce 8600 GT and GeForce 8600 GTS will launch on April 17, with the GeForce 8300 GS and GeForce 8400 GS following soon after.

DailyTech published technical details of these cards last month. In a nutshell:
  • GeForce 8600 GTS -- 256 MB GDDR3, 675 MHz core clock, 1000 MHz memory clock
  • GeForce 8600 GT -- 256 MB GDDR3, 540 MHz core clock, 700 MHz memory clock
  • GeForce 8500 GT -- 128 to 256 MB DDR2 or GDDR3, 450 MHz core clock, 700 MHz memory clock
NVIDIA claims these three cards will be available at launch.  The 8600 GTS will fill the $199 to $229 price point, followed by the 8600 GT ($149 to $159) and the GeForce 8500 GT ($89 to $129).

The GeForce 8400 GS and 8300 GS will bring up the rear with 450 MHz core clocks and 400 MHz memory clocks. However, these two GPUs will only show up in OEM systems and will not likely make an appearance in your local hardware store.

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Direct X 10
By Pryde on 4/8/2007 8:30:57 AM , Rating: 2
These cards may not be better than last gens Direct X 9 cards, but we haven't seen what Direct X 10 capable of. If Microsoft claims are correct that DX10 is 6-8 times more "efficient" at rendering the images then these could possibly be powerhouses.

At GDC a Alienware PC with a Intel Quad Core CPU (unknown speed)and a single 8800GTX on a Dell 30" monitor could run Crysis at 2560x1600 with full detail on runs very smooth. (also like to point out it was done with Beta DX10, Beta Drivers and un-optimized crysis code)

Now if we drop the res down to what the majority play on 1280x1024 then we are probably going to be CPU limited.(unless you have a quad core)

These cards will easily play any DX9 game at where 90% of people play at 1280x1024 or under with Full Detail, AA etc and 1600x1200 with full detail but with like 2-4x AA.

And if you want to play at Higher res and every turned on full then theres the 8800GTS/GTX and SLi.

RE: Direct X 10
By ttnuagadam on 4/8/2007 9:23:03 AM , Rating: 2
that seems very unlikely considering everyone is complaining about how much crysis chugs even on the best pc's available.

RE: Direct X 10
By Cascaderanger on 4/9/2007 9:21:45 AM , Rating: 2
Guess I'll have to ask, since I dont know. You say the Crysis code (in the test you mention) was unoptimized. Would that be for the GPU, or for the quad-core CPU? Both? I'm not going to assume either way. If you mean CPU, I dont see how unoptimized code could make use of quad-core vs. dual-core unless it's set up to utilize the extra cores? Does the OS automatically load share between four cores?

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