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Microsoft Windows OneCare Live launches in June for an annual fee of $49.95

Microsoft plans to jump in feet first with its first foray into the software antivirus market. The company's subscription-based Windows OneCare Live software will launch in June of this year

Over 20,000 beta testers have been putting the software through the ringer since November of last year. They have provided much needed input for the security suite which offers antivirus and spyware protection, an integrated firewall, backup utilities and performance tuning software.

Microsoft's established competitors aren't sitting idle while the Redmond-based company enters the a market which is expected to top $6 billion by 2008:

Last week, Symantec's CEO John Thompson said the company would make investments to fend off Microsoft and any other potential competitors.

Symantec, the world's biggest security software company, said it plans to offer its own all-in-one subscription-based software product code-named "Genesis" that it expects to introduce later this year.

Microsoft Windows OneCare Live will have a price tag of $49.95 annually for use on up to three machines.

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RE: Unethical?
By tjr508 on 2/9/2006 4:47:51 AM , Rating: 2
100% Agreed. I've never had anything against MS. I do use Open Office but only to save $300 as the spell checker alternative suggestions suck compared to MS word =p.

But to the anti-virus statment, yes I think this is a raw deal for the customer and may send consumers a bad message. It seems very shady to charge a fee to essentially patch one of their own products.

This may be ok as long as it is indeed a service to the customers, but why would MS have to charge a fee when much smaller companies offer similar software for free? This leads me to believe that this is a venture to produce revenue within itself and not just a service to promote the windows OS. And like any business when your goal is to make money, you don;t let much stand in your way, including ethics.

As much as I respect what MS has done for computing, I believe this may be going way too far.

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