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Microsoft says that first month sales of Vista doubled those of XP

Microsoft is touting early sales figures for Windows Vista as testament to the operating system's new features and security enhancements. According to Microsoft, the sale of Windows Vista licenses more than doubled those of Windows XP during its first month of availability.

Windows XP managed to rack up 17 million licenses within its first two months of availability while Windows Vista hit 20 million within the first month. The numbers include licenses acquired by PC OEMs, retail copies sold in stores and upgrades ordered through the Windows Vista Express Upgrade Program.

"We are encouraged to see such a positive consumer response to Windows Vista right out of the gate," said Windows Business Group VP Bill Veghte. "While it’s very early in the product lifecycle, we are setting a foundation for Windows Vista to become the fastest-adopted version of Windows ever. Working with our partners, we are helping our customers leverage new tools and programs to accelerate the transition and provide a great user experience."

According to Michael Silver of Gartner Research, however, the fact that Windows Vista sales have doubled Windows XP sales shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. According to Silver, 52 million PCs were sold in 2002 – the first full year of Windows XP availability. Over 92 million PCs are expected to be sold in 2007.

Last month Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was less optimistic about initial Vista sales citing increased piracy around the world. Ballmer noted that analysts were "overly aggressive" with their Vista sales forecasts.

Shortly after Ballmer's comments, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates was more upbeat and stated that Vista had been "incredibly well received." Gates continued, "People who sell PCs have seen a very nice lift in their sales. People have come in and wanted to buy Vista."

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Vista Still Isnt Worth It.
By Villains on 3/29/2007 1:09:14 PM , Rating: 2
Just curious how many of you Vista owners have the new DX10 hardware to go with it, how many of you play games?

Lot of people that have Vista say they like it cause its "pretty" and its allegedly more secure. Most of the people who use Vista dont even know why they use it, other than it came with their PC.

I still dont like Vista, wont use it for a few years at least.

Microsoft did alot of bad things with this OS. First, DRM, gee thanks for this one, brilliant.

Also, making Vista so just about EVERY 3rd party companys programs do not work with Vista. They expect everybody to build a new program to suit Vista, not the other way around as it should be.

Microsoft is slowly tryin to monopolize things by cutting out 3rd party support so they can be the ones supplying all the software. Hell, Microsoft didnt even test to see if any programs other than MS stuff worked with it.

Throw in the comments made by company spokespeople saying 3rd party programs are "craplets" and that shows how they feel.

Vista might be good in a year or 2........once everythings patched up and 3rd parties have succumbed to makin new apps, the price has dropped, theres plenty of new hardware at good prices, all games are DX10 compliant, mods are available, etc.

Until then, why buy it?

"Folks that want porn can buy an Android phone." -- Steve Jobs
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