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Microsoft says that first month sales of Vista doubled those of XP

Microsoft is touting early sales figures for Windows Vista as testament to the operating system's new features and security enhancements. According to Microsoft, the sale of Windows Vista licenses more than doubled those of Windows XP during its first month of availability.

Windows XP managed to rack up 17 million licenses within its first two months of availability while Windows Vista hit 20 million within the first month. The numbers include licenses acquired by PC OEMs, retail copies sold in stores and upgrades ordered through the Windows Vista Express Upgrade Program.

"We are encouraged to see such a positive consumer response to Windows Vista right out of the gate," said Windows Business Group VP Bill Veghte. "While it’s very early in the product lifecycle, we are setting a foundation for Windows Vista to become the fastest-adopted version of Windows ever. Working with our partners, we are helping our customers leverage new tools and programs to accelerate the transition and provide a great user experience."

According to Michael Silver of Gartner Research, however, the fact that Windows Vista sales have doubled Windows XP sales shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. According to Silver, 52 million PCs were sold in 2002 – the first full year of Windows XP availability. Over 92 million PCs are expected to be sold in 2007.

Last month Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was less optimistic about initial Vista sales citing increased piracy around the world. Ballmer noted that analysts were "overly aggressive" with their Vista sales forecasts.

Shortly after Ballmer's comments, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates was more upbeat and stated that Vista had been "incredibly well received." Gates continued, "People who sell PCs have seen a very nice lift in their sales. People have come in and wanted to buy Vista."

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Forced vs by choice
By emboss on 3/27/2007 1:01:46 PM , Rating: 2
I suspect most of those sales are from OEM sales (Dell, HP, etc), where you don't have a choice if you want Vista or not. A much more interesting number would be the number of retail boxes sold as a proportion of the total. This should decrease the impact of seasonal variation and show how many people actually WANT Vista/XP, not just how many ended up with it.

RE: Forced vs by choice
By Souka on 3/27/2007 1:05:37 PM , Rating: 1
I'm sure they included all the "free" copies they give out too.....

I too would like to see actual retail box copies sold, upgrades sold, etc.

RE: Forced vs by choice
By Puddleglum1 on 3/27/07, Rating: -1
RE: Forced vs by choice
By NaughtyGeek on 3/27/2007 1:14:25 PM , Rating: 2
Not really, very few Dell systems still offer XP as a choice. While there are some models offering XP, most systems and all low end systems offer Vista only.

RE: Forced vs by choice
By emboss on 3/27/2007 1:28:56 PM , Rating: 2
Hmm, interesting ... I remember reading an article about MS strongarming the OEMs into dropping XP by March by making it a requirement of continuing marketing subsidies. I assumed that the OEMs had done as MS had demanded.

However, as you noted, Dell still offers both, as does Lenovo (I just checked). HP doesn't offer XP any more, nor do Acer or Toshiba (though this was done by inspecting a number of models so I could have missed one where XP was offered).

Either MS backed off, or Dell and Lenovo have decided that there's a big enough market that the extra sales make up the lost $$$ from MS.

RE: Forced vs by choice
By rushfan2006 on 3/27/2007 4:06:58 PM , Rating: 2
When buying from retailers like Newegg, you are stuck without a choice.

Since when? Today?.....not only have I been buying parts from NewEgg for a few years now but I just got done last week doing a few grand worth of business with them.

Its a PC parts store, you pick what you want -- and they still sell XP Pro as well.

So you are completely uninformed and your statement has no truth to it whatsoever.

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