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Two AMD TV Wonder DCTs (upper right) give the Velocity Micro CineMagix the first PCs with CableCARD support
The first batch of CableCARD-ready, high-end Media Center PCs is ready

Earlier this week Velocity Micro spread word that the company was approaching the final stages in readying the CableCARD-ready CineMagix Grand Theater and CineMagix Pro Cinema systems. 

At the Consumer Electronics Show last January, AMD took the veil off its Open Cable Unidirectional Receiver -- the TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner.   The TV Wonder DCT is the first of its kind, giving PCs the ability to tune NTSC, ATSC over-the-air, QAM encrypted ATSC and CableCARD support.

Velocity Micro will be the first PC vendor to bring the new TV Wonder DCT to the masses. The company is in the final stages of production and is already taking orders.

Unlike the original batches of ATI TV Wonder 650, Velocity claims the AMD TV Wonder DCT is stable and ready to go.  "The card itself seems to be a really solid product," said Velocity Micro Director of Product Development Chris Morley.  "The drivers are all inside Vista ... You can configure it as an over the air HD tuner; it will do analog, standard def."

Microsoft has already made it abundantly clear that CableCARD support is only for OEMs and system builders -- do not expect AMD OCUR cards to show up on eBay in the near future. Even with the hardware, systems require BIOS-level support and authentication; CableCARD PCs constantly ping CableLabs for authentication.

Drawing support from manufactures, Microsoft and AMD/ATI is no easy task either. Dell and HP demonstrated AMD TV Wonder Digital Cable PCs earlier this year, but corporate representatives from both companies stated these will likely be Q3 2007 products.

"Some of the traditional players in this space are looking to us to OEM these systems for them," said Morley. 

The focal point of the new CineMagix systems is the digital cable tuners, though the systems will also boast features not found on any other systems yet.  Blu-ray support for CineMagix systems is already available, but Velocity Micro is also the first system builder to include support for Vista's MCE plug-in support for PowerDVD.

Velocity's site claims its Intel-based Grand Theater systems will ship before mid-April followed shortly thereafter by the AMD-based Grand Theater systems.  AMD systems start at $1,795 and Intel systems start at $2,195.

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RE: Pricks
By Magnus Dredd on 3/20/2007 7:11:14 PM , Rating: 2

Screw em, go Linux. This also ignores the crappy (you may not record this, you can only watch this X hours after it was on, you can only watch this X number of times) boradcast flag BS.

RE: Pricks
By Magnus Dredd on 3/20/2007 7:21:17 PM , Rating: 2
BTW, there is no way in hell I'll buy one of those proprietary fscking crippled OEM boxes. And unlike some people who post here, I'm a homeowner who can more than afford such toys.

I likewise decided to stick with Linux for my home server when I found the M$ home server was OEM only. What is it with Microsoft these days and trying to out-Apple Apple....

The only reason that Apple gets away with it is that they make the _whole widget_ and are very good at UIs. Microsoft has only ever been good at providing something mediocre that just happens to support every odd homebrewed gadget/system in existance. Once you take away the ability to make a home-built box, the only thing M$ has is that Windows has managed to become the major PC game platform.

RE: Pricks
By Houdani on 3/21/2007 9:49:32 AM , Rating: 2
I'm of the opinion that Microsoft and AMD/ATI aren't the jerks in this situation. They're hamstrung by CableLabs (ptooey) just like everybody else. The OEM thing is a concession made to the cable companies in order to be a third-party provider of these "goodies."

"There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
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