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The sleek new set top box from Apple is sure to please home theater fans

After a brief period of delay, deemed necessary for fine tuning, Apple is beginning to ship its Apple TV set top box. The unit was originally slated for February of this year but was pushed back two to three weeks into March because of last minute adjustments to the product's operating system.

The Apple TV is shipping now for a flat price of $299 USD. Apple supplies a remote, the Apple TV itself and a power cord. The system connects to a local network via Wi-Fi or by wire, allowing users to stream movies and media onto their large screen TV. Beyond movies, the Apple TV also allows playback of music from an iTunes library. At its current single configuration, the Apple TV is equipped with a 40GB hard drive for store content locally, as users will be able to sync their iTunes content to the box.

Users are required to have a TV with at least RGB component input but a TV with HDMI or DVI input is preferred. There is an optical output for multi-channel audio but no coaxial SPDIF. Many audiophiles tend to prefer using coaxial SPDIF for lower jitter. Most users will be connecting the Apple TV up to a home receiver for the best experience.

Shipping begins now and orders are expected to move out of warehouse in three to five business days.

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Now that’s the way to reinvent the wheel!
By aju on 3/20/2007 4:17:18 PM , Rating: 2
So I guess I am missing the point. Why would the consumer bother? This has all been done before. Viewing networked content on your TV is old news indeed. It is basically Apples take on a Windows media extender. The same thing can be accomplished by numerous products already available.
Oh yeah, it’s an Apple. That means there are millions of consumers out there who will buy it just because it has an already-been-chewed Apple logo on it and it’s in a shimmering aerodynamic package.
Well done Apple, your hordes of Homer Simpsons are probably lining up as we speak to pay way to much money for shiny cut-down version of an xbox 360.
What’s next? I suppose you will put out some other “already been done by someone else better” in a shiny box device. Hey, how about a phone that plays music and has a cool touch screen. All you have to do is lock it to your iTunes subscription and castrate its ability to view or listen to anything else. That’s sure to generate billions in sales to your technically inept customers.

By Phynaz on 3/20/2007 9:09:16 PM , Rating: 2
content on your TV is old news indeed. It is basically Apples take on a Windows media extender. The same thing can be accomplished by numerous products already available.

None of which have mass market ease of use.

By mrteddyears on 3/21/2007 12:48:00 PM , Rating: 2
I can see you are obviously bought into the concept of Apple and you are an avid fan.

However the concept of storing all your tracks and DVD’s on the PC or MAC is an appealing one to people who can’t be bothered to buy an XBOX soldering iron and a ton of other junk to get it all to run. It all about personal choice and no one is being forced to buy.

Some people like the idea of locking CD, tapes, records, dvd’s etc in the loft once and for all. What they loose sight of is when the hard disk falls over and they loose all the data.

I personally will wait till all of this is stored on the web and streamed to a device in the house that connects to a screen and doubles as a work laptop that way less than a pound in weight, has a battery that last 15 hours like a phone and doesn’t explode.

But you have to admit Apple does produce nice looking equipment and I haven’t seen an iPod in BROWN!!!

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