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Sony's 20GB PlayStation 3
Best Buy puts 20GB PS3 on the chopping block

A change is in sight when it comes to Sony's PlayStation 3 at Best Buy stores. Sony's PS3 currently comes in two flavors: the $599 USD 60GB version and the $499 USD 20GB version. Both consoles feature a Blu-ray optical drive, but the 60GB version adds 802.11b/g wireless networking and a MemoryStick/Secure Digital/CompactFlash reader for digital camera media.

According to internal Best Buy documents obtained by Joystiq, it looks as though the retailer is no longer going to stock Sony's 20GB PlayStation 3 console. The document lists the 20GB PS3's status as "discontinued."

The writing has been on the wall for the 20GB PS3 for quite some time now. It was revealed back in November that Sony is losing roughly $307 USD for every 20GB PS3 that it sells versus a smaller $241 USD hit for the more expensive 60GB version.

SCEA communications director Dave Karraker also told Joystiq last week that retailers have been overwhelming placing orders for the more expensive 60GB PS3. "Retailers have been requesting the 60GB model, the mix has been about 80 percent 60GB, 20 percent 20GB retailer orders. So, the reason you might not be seeing the 20 GB is simply that retailers have been ordering more of the 60 GB unit," said Karraker.

Sony still plans to make its 20GB PS3 available to retailers who want to sell it, but the number of retailers willing to stock the device may soon be dwindling. If that happens, the price disparity between the 60GB PS3 and the Xbox 360/Nintendo Wii will only grow further.

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RE: Can't find 20GB anywhere.
By OxBow on 3/19/2007 10:37:49 AM , Rating: 2
I agree. Although I have a 60 gig PS3, I think I'd prefer the 20gig model. Everything about my PS3 has worked well, and I even tried the memory card slot. However, I already have a Cat5e cable run to my entertainment center, so the wifi, although it works seamlessly, is pretty useless for me.

Whether or not sales are supporting this, I'm sure that Sony is correct in that RETAILERS are ordering an 80/20 mix. The better value in my mind is the 20 gig model.

As for so many people who say they don't care about blue ray, I do. I've really enjoyed the blue ray movies I've ordered from Netflix and find it a great value.

As for annectdotal reports, when I was in Gamestop Saturday evening there were three stacks of consoles by the door. A large stack of Wii's, a large stack of 20gig 360s, and a large stack of 60gig PS3's. The store was crowded, and the 360 & Wii displays were ignored as 5-6 people were vying to try out Motorstorm on the PS3 kiosk.

RE: Can't find 20GB anywhere.
By darkpaw on 3/19/2007 4:02:18 PM , Rating: 2
Where is this cause my wife tried to find me a retail Wii for a month for my birthday. My birthday was yesterday, but still no Wii cause no place in Northern VA that my wife has tried ever has them in stock.

Were they actual Wiis or just the crappy empty boxes gamestops always leave piled around?

I could get a PS3, but right now the game selection for it sucks and I personally don't feel like spending $600 for a glorified dvd player.

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