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Not only can the Chinese space program make it to the moon, it will get there before the U.S., according to NASA

NASA Administrator Michael Griffin told a House Committee on Science and Technology that the Chinese are likely to be the next nation to reach the moon, even before the United States.  "If they wanted to mount a lunar mission, they could do so," Griffin said.  The Chinese space program also has around 200,000 employees, while NASA has a workforce numbering close to 75,000.

Assuming NASA continues to receive the amount of funding it is currently getting, the space agency will be able to send astronauts back to the moon in 2019 -- an additional "few billion extra" will allow NASA to reach the moon in 2017.  The Chinese government continues to funnel large amounts of money towards the nation's space endeavors.  

Serious budget cuts and issues with the current NASA lunar program were the main reasons cited by NASA.  Bart Gordon, chairman of the U.S. House science committee, recently said that NASA is headed for a "train wreck" if the space organization cannot get the funding that it needs.  
With the pending retirement of the space shuttle in 2010, NASA also needs to finish the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) on time after the shuttle is retired.  "If the CEV is delayed even further, then we will cede leadership in human space flight at a time when Russia and China have such capabilities and India has announced its intention to develop them," Griffin said.

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NASA plays the China FUD card to get more funding.
By Jaylllo on 3/17/2007 9:19:11 PM , Rating: -1
I love how agencies and companies use the usual political hot button topics to raise attention and get more funding.

I think the order goes something like Terrorists >More Terrorists>=Global Warming>=Immigration>=China> Weak economy > Global competitors.

I think NASA needs to be more cultivating to college students. I think a lot of people would work(intern) there pro bono if given a good program.

I also think NASA's statement is lacking in value.
If the moon was priority for us, we would be there with a base by now.
I also think the Chinese peoples are probably more worried about being bombed back to the stone age by us than landing on the moon or building a dumb moon base.

By soydios on 3/17/2007 9:36:42 PM , Rating: 3
regarding NASA's mission statement, I think that they should put back in the clause about "observing the Earth"

of course, a hefty budget increase for them would certainly help

By aurareturn on 3/17/2007 9:44:29 PM , Rating: 2
You're an idiot. A moon base does so much for our space exploration, your tiny mind cannot comprehend it.

Getting a moon base means we can go to Mars which means that we can do research on Mars.

All the government wants to do right now is to downsize the science field, increase the religious field, and tell US citizens that if we don't get Iraq and Iran, we'll be blown up.

If we gave NASA the Iraq war money, we'd have missions going to Mars, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Your anus, etc. Instead, we spent the money on trying to find "WMD" that "disappeared".

And the other thing is, Americans don't give a crap about Space. They'd rather know what Britney Spears did last week than to know if Mars has water/life.

By masher2 (blog) on 3/18/2007 1:01:59 PM , Rating: 4
> "Getting a moon base means we can go to Mars which means that we can do research on Mars..."

The moon is far more valuable to us than Mars is likely to ever be. A moon base is the first step towards industrial and commercial use of Luna, in an environment which is ideally suited to many industrial processes. Think about it-- you have limitless free vacuum, extremes of heat and cold, a weak gravity to ease large scale construction and movement of large processed masses. At a pole, you have solar power 24 hours a day, unfiltered by any atmosphere. The total lack of geologic or hydrologic activity means any industrial pollution generated stays where it is. On the moon's dark side, you have the ideal spot for radio telescopes, shielded from the earth's radio interference by the moon itself.

The surface itself is rich with many metals and minerals, not to mention He-3, found nowhere on Earth (or Mars, for that matter). And the shallow gravity well and lack of an atmosphere means that refined materials (or finished goods) can cheaply and quickly be returned to Earth.

The problem with Mars is that its too much like Earth...really cold, uninhabitable parts of the Earth. Its atmosphere is too thin to support life...but thick enough to make dust storms and convective heat loss far more of a problem than it would be on Luna. Gravity is twice as strong, solar flux is a small fraction as much, and, without nuclear-powered spacecraft, travel times are a nightmare.

Mars will, of couse, be useful for research purposes. But Luna will quickly become an integral part of Earth's economy, invaluable for commercial, industrial, and (eventually) residential usage. If not by us, then by the Chinese at least.

By Seemonkeyscanfly on 3/19/2007 10:36:50 AM , Rating: 2
Actually the US knows of the WMD in Iraq because we supplied them with it. There is no question they where and probably are still there buried somewhere in the thousand of square miles of sand. The WMD we (the US) gave them were in chemical form - small pox and Anthrax. This is commonly given out to countries so their Doctors can study these chemicals. However, unlike other countries, Iraq had no record of where, what, when, how these chemicals were used. Something that is required to do is log these events when the chemicals are issued out for study. I doubt they will ever be found…the people who may know where they are located are probably dead and you would only need a box the size of a shoe box to store enough chemicals to kill millions. So good luck finding that in the middle of the desert.
A better way to get the funds is not look to the past and blame people for mistakes or miss used funds, that's what you do when you elect the people who spend your money. The best way would be for the public to tell elected officials they have to take a 50% pay cut (so some amount of pay cut). We would have plenty of money to fund this program and many others and the Politicians would still be paid to much money.

By Ringold on 3/19/2007 1:33:56 PM , Rating: 2
A few things economic study tells us:
1) Giving pay cuts to politicians increases their proclivity to accept and seek bribes to maintain their lifestyle. Paying them too much lowers this urge. Bribery destroys public confidence in the entire system, whereas too high of pay just makes politicians look like pigs but people still are content enough to follow government rules.. therefore, best to pay them more than they're really worth then have them legislate to the highest bidder all the time.

2) Wages are a rounding error on the federal budget, almost. Social security, welfare programs, medicare, etc, are the bulk of it, casting a shadow over any other budget item. One could double NASA's budget and not impact the overall budget. If cuts need to be made, they'd be best targeted at our massive hand-outs, NOT in discouraging professional, intelligent individuals from seeking public service due to lousy pay.

By artbronze on 3/17/2007 9:46:18 PM , Rating: 5
What we need is another Werner von Braun who had a grasp on the big picture and the engineering genius to implement his vision. He also knew how to stay on course and remain focused on an objective. It also helped we had a paranoid society caught up in the cold war. I think the differences in political leadership are also notible.

By Griswold on 3/18/2007 5:42:29 AM , Rating: 2
Besides the genius von Braun definitely was, one of his biggest abilities that helped achieving all these goals was the fact that he knew how to sell this stuff to the politicians to get the funds he needed. He was more than just a scientist.

But the times are different now. There is no need to "prove" to the public that this hemisphere is suprior to the other.

"If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion." -- Scientology founder L. Ron. Hubbard

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