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Two new quad-core Xeon models and price cuts in Q3'07

Before AMD is able to launch its quad-core processors, Intel will aggressively cut prices of quad-core desktop processors. Intel and AMD’s price wars are not just affecting desktop products, however. The price wars continue with server and workstation products as well. Intel’s latest roadmap reveals two new Xeon processors and aggressive quad-core price cuts in Q3’07.

The Intel Xeon X5300-series receives a speed bump to 3.0 GHz in the form of the new quad-core Xeon DP X5365. It will operate on a 1333 MHz front-side-bus with 8MB of L2 cache like the other products in the quad-core Xeon DP lineup. The new quad-core Xeon DP X5365 will launch at the price of $1,172 per processor in 1,000 unit quantities.

Intel expects to cut prices of existing quad-core Xeon DP processors in July 2007 as well. The previous flagship quad-core Xeon DP X5355 drops down to $744 from its current $1172 price in July. The other two 1333 MHz front-side-bus endowed Xeon DP E5355 and E5335 will cost $455 and $316 per processor, in 1,000 unit quantities after the July 2007 price cuts. Intel’s two quad-core Xeon DP processors with 1066 MHz front-side buses, models E5320 and E5310, will drop to $256 and $209, respectively.

Intel Quad Core Xeon DP
L2 Cache
FSB Q3'07
X5365 3.00 GHz 8MB 1333 MHz
X5355 2.66 GHz 8MB 1333 MHz
E5345 2.33 GHz 8MB 1333 MHz
2.00 GHz 8MB 1333 MHz
E5320 1.86 GHz 8MB 1066 MHz
1.60 GHz 8MB 1066 MHz
L5320 1.86 GHz 8MB 1066 MHz
1.60 GHz 8MB 1066 MHz

Recently launched low-power Xeon DP L5320 and L5310 processors will receive similar price cuts as well. The 50-watt TDP quad-core Xeon processors will cost $320 and $273 for models Xeon DP L5320 and L5310, per processor, in 1,000 unit quantities, respectively. Intel’s low-voltage quad-core Xeon DP 5148 will not receive any price cuts in July 2007 and will continue to cost $519, per processor, in 1,000 unit quantities.

Intel Quad Core Xeon UP
L2 Cache
FSB Q3'07
X3230 2.66 GHz 8MB 1066 MHz
X3220 2.40 GHz 8MB 1066 MHz
2.13 GHz 8MB 1066 MHz

Intel will add a new quad-core Xeon UP processor in Q3’07 as well. Quad-core Xeon UP X3230 processors will have a 2.66 GHz clock speed on a 1066 MHz front-side-bus, like the upcoming Core 2 Quad Q6700. Pricing will also be identical to the Core 2 Quad variant at $530 per processor, in 1,000 unit quantities.

The rest of the quad-core Xeon UP processor will receive price cuts similar to Intel’s Core 2 Quad. Xeon UP X3220 and X3210 processors will drop to $266 and $224 per processor, in 1,000 unit quantities, come Q3’07.

Intel Dual Core Xeon UP
L2 Cache
FSB Q3'07
3085 3.00 GHz 4MB 1333 MHz
2.66 GHz 4MB 1333 MHz
2.33 GHz 4MB 1333 MHz

Dual-core Xeon UP 3070, 3060, 3050 and 3040 will not receive price cuts; however, the dual-core Xeon UP lineup will have refreshed models.  As with the Core 2 Duo E6x50 product lineup, the dual-core Xeon UP lineup will receive similar 1333 MHz front-side-bus treatments. Intel is set to launch dual-core Xeon UP models 3085, 3075 and 3065 respectively clocked at 3.0 GHz, 2.66 GHz and 2.33 GHz. These new models will launch at $266, $183 and $163 per processor, in 1,000 unit quantities.

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RE: AMD in trouble?
By kilkennycat on 3/16/2007 12:20:04 PM , Rating: 5
Intel is playing true hard-ball again like the Intel of old. Kick the man while he is down. They obviously have excellent 65nm process yields -- and a lot of confidence in the next moves to 45nm. Their aggressive pricing on all processor variants means that AMD cannot quickly recover development costs by charging "early-adopter" prices on any of their next-gen CPUs. AMD is already in a financial bind... due to their stupid and overpriced acquisition of ATi... so the aggressive all-around price cuts are going to have the second-effect of investor wariness in holding AMD stock. Their debt burden jumped about $2billion last year from the ATi acquisition. Bankers don't like lending money to public companies with weak stock prices and very heavy competition ( both from Intel and nVidia...) so where is AMD going to get money for next-gen designs, expanded fabs and the huge investment required in turning out the next-gen high-end graphics engines (from AMD/ATi )? My guess is that due to lack of investment funds and the obvious AMD priority on CPU development, the graphics arm of AMD (ATi) is going to have to cede all high-end/discrete graphics development to nVidia and just concentrate on serving AMD's integrated graphics needs, plus the mobile market. Expect some of the top ATi graphics designers to be looking for interesting jobs in the near future. I'm sure nVidia or Intel might be happy to accommodate them.

RE: AMD in trouble?
By Puddleglum1 on 3/16/2007 2:13:35 PM , Rating: 2
Best post I've ever read on this topic.

RE: AMD in trouble?
By kilkennycat on 3/16/2007 4:07:44 PM , Rating: 2
Thanks for the compliment. I have no axe to grind with AMD, only sadness at their management's recent obvious stupidity (My current most-excellent desktop PC is 4400+ based...). The ATi deal was finally consummated a couple of months after the release of Core2 and the obvious signs that this was dangerously-serious competition for the AMD64/X2 family. Up to that time, AMD still had the option of completely backing out of the ATi deal, but they blindly went ahead compounding the error by paying 20% premium over market for all the outstanding ATi shares. Since then, the AMD stock price has halved with little prospect of any upward momentum - the fact that ATi has continued with their pattern of late deliveries, specifically with their release of Dx10 GPUs has not helped AMD's bottom line. nVidia and their partners have already shipped ~ 500,000 8800-family graphics-cards; an excellent shipment number for the priciest (and most profitable) currently-available graphics cards. 500,000 fewer sales for AMD/ATi and their card-partners.

"We don't know how to make a $500 computer that's not a piece of junk." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs

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