Imagine mobile phones with 8GB of memory

Samsung Electronics announced today that it is sampling eight gigabyte memory chips, the highest density embedded flash memory developed to date, to major mobile electronics manufacturers.

Samsung’s high-density moviNAND memory solution consists of four 50-nanometer, 16Gigabit NAND flash memories, a high-speed MultiMediaCard (MMC) controller and associated firmware. While providing twice the capacity and provides double the performance of the 4GB version, Samsung claims its moviNAND is 10-20 percent smaller than other flash-based embedded memory card solutions and is able to process data at 52 megabytes per second.

Because moviNAND allows NAND flash to be accessed through a standardized MMC interface, manufacturers who use the new memory solution can develop mobile phones more quickly and at less cost than with raw MLC NAND components soldered into a handset. Samsung is aiming moviNAND as a storage solution for music phones and personal GPS navigation devices.

Samsung plans to begin mass producing its 8GB moviNAND at the end of this year.

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