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eBay's new Detailed Seller Ratings
eBay adds Detailed Seller Ratings to its feedback system

eBay has decided to make the first significant change to its feedback system in over 11 years with the announcement of Feedback 2.0. In addition to the standard positive, neutral and negative ratings, Feedback 2.0 will also provide four additional categories, where buyers can individually rate sellers on called Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs).

The four new categories are: Item as described, Communication, Shipping time and Shipping and Handling charges. Buyers will be able to rate sellers on a 5-star rating scale on each category.

According to eBay, the DSRs do not affect a seller's overall feedback score, but are put in place to help gauge a seller's performance in key areas. "We expect buyers to purchase from sellers who have high stars on the dimensions most important to them," said Brian Burke, Senior Manager, Global Policy Management for eBay.

Other changes include the addition of the item title and selling price under each feedback entry on a seller's feedback page. Previously, only the feedback comment along with the feedback rating and item number were included.

eBay plans to roll out Feedback 2.0 in Australia, Belgium, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom within the next few days. Feedback 2.0 will be launched in the United States this spring.

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RE: Hopefully...
By Mitch101 on 3/8/2007 1:55:07 PM , Rating: 1
HUH? How is shipping and items that arrived damaged worthy of negative feedback from a seller?

If a buyer pays quickly and provides the information to ship the item thier part is done. The rest is up to the seller so the buyer then deserve positive feedback because they have done thier part.

If the items arrive broken then thats what shipping insurance is for. Of course there are a lot of sellers who sell broken items off as working and try to blame it on the shipping. So if the buyer posts negative feedback they just post negative to the buyer even though the seller knows they sold defective junk. There are a number of E-bay sellers who know say 5% of their stuff is broken or defective yet they do well with 5% negative feedback and continue to sell that defective ratio claiming its in working order. There are also a number who will not ship 1 in 50 items because they can get away with a negative here and there and claim it was lost in shipping. I have even heard of people selling and shipping empty boxes so they have a tracking number to claim they shipped the item.

Shipping problems/excuses are not the fault of the buyer but the fault of shipping companies, liars on e-bay, and PAY PAL for not refunding bad transactions.

Its been my experience that sellers who wait for feedback after the buyer are usually selling items that are not entirely as advertised.

As well as sellers who leave positive feedback after the cash has exchanged hands usually have perfect ratings.

We can blame e-bay for a lot of this but PAY PAL needs to be much better before E-bay can be that much better.

RE: Hopefully...
By timmiser on 3/8/2007 4:44:56 PM , Rating: 2
I totally agree with you! I have a policy that as a buyer I will not leave feedback until the seller leaves it first. This is because those sellers are essentially holding your rightly deserved feedback "hostage" until the buyer leaves them positive feedback first which is wrong. Like you stated, once the money has been paid and shipping address provided in a timely fashion, that is the point in the transaction where the seller should leave positive feedback because the buyer has done everything exactly correct per the buyer's auction requirements.

If ebay really wanted to fix their feedback system, they should require that feedback be left in this order.

This would be like buying a TV at Best Buy and the salesman will not say "thank you" until you've said "thank you" first!

RE: Hopefully...
By Souka on 3/8/2007 6:20:32 PM , Rating: 2
I also agree with u guys, as a person who's bought quite a bit in recent times I hated sellers that wouldn't leave feedback untill I did...

but.... As a seller, I've left feedback and then had the buyer leave me negative feedback because the USPS Priority mail took 5 days to get to him... It took a fair amount of my time to get his negative comment revoked.

So when I sell stuff sometimes, and the buyer doesn't have a strong eBay history, I'll hold my feedback until he posts his...

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