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Commodore re-enters the market as a purpose built gaming PC

The Commodore is ready to make a splash back into the computer world with a new gaming computer that will be shown later this month during CeBIT in Germany.  Specifics of the computer remain scarce, but Commodore CEO Bala Keilman promises that the new Commodore PC is going to bring the Commodore brand back into the gaming industry.

"25 years ago, Commodore launched the best selling personal computer of the late 20th century, the C64, and defined the early computer games experience for millions of people worldwide," Keilman said in a statement. On the Commodore Gaming website, only a graphical teaser is posted for what will come.

The Commodore gaming PCs will be shown on March 15th, and will be live demo machines which will be playable. "We are privileged and excited to bring the commodore brand back to the gaming community and mark a new chapter in its history with this exceptional machine. We're sure that it will deliver what gamers need and want," said Keilman.

It appears that the PCs will be available for the European market on release, but the company did not rule out a launch in North America and Asia.  Commodore expects to make more more announcements soon.

The problem with a Commodore comeback is that the gaming market today is nothing like the one that the C64 entered 25 years ago -- Alienware and VoodooPC are two of the top tier companies already producing gaming PCs.  Also, the Microsoft Xbox360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii are all strong competitors of PC gaming, with 41% of U.S. households reportedly now having video game consoles

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how many times now?
By TSS on 3/7/2007 9:37:04 AM , Rating: 3
the brand has exchanged alot of hands about now and everything they tried so far is bring something entirely random on the market using commodore as a known name. that sickens me.

so. IF they make just another PC like alienware with a commodore sticker on the front we will see another compagny go down the tubes, which is always fun.

OR, they make a gaming console that plays PC games, is quite powerfull, looks like a very bulky keyboard, and has a commodore 64 (bit, not ram :P) logo on it, i would even consider buying one.

but lets be real, the thing that made the C64 so damned succesfull where the simple yet addictive games. even if they come out with a machine twice the power of the PS3 at not even half the cost, then make very lowsy clones of very lowsy games released at very lowsy times i wont have anything to do with Commodore ever again.

if they do take the console route though i wonder if they'd put the games on them huge floppy's again :P hey, afterall technology has advanced a little so i guess they could put more then half a megabyte on them :P

RE: how many times now?
By GoatMonkey on 3/7/2007 11:52:50 AM , Rating: 2
I sort of hope they make it a Linux box marketed as a gaming machine. It has to be a low end machine, that's where they originally took off. The hard part would be getting people to make more games for Linux.

"A lot of people pay zero for the cellphone ... That's what it's worth." -- Apple Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook
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